Prince Harry: Bitter words about Meghan


According to a new revelation book, Duchess Meghan, 38, announced her pregnancy at the wedding of Princess Eugenie, 30, of all places. In doing so, she not only angered the bride herself and her mother Sarah Ferguson, 60, but apparently also Prince Harry, 35 …

New scandal about Duchess Meghan

It is not only considered in royal circles absolute no-go stealing the show from a bride on her big day. This is exactly what Duchess Meghan is said to have done, according to the two revelation journalists Dylan Howard and Andy Tillett. In her book “Royals at war”, Which will appear at the end of July, write about an incident that takes place on October 12, 2018 on the Wedding of Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank should have occurred.

During the celebrations, Meghan is said to Let the baby bomb burst and announced that she and Harry told her first child together expect. The blatant faux pas is said to have upset the bride and her mother Sarah Ferguson – and also Harry was completely taken aback by the confession!

Meghan stepped into a pot when she decided it was the perfect moment would be to announce that she and Harry become parents,

it says among other things in “Royals at war”.

The two authors Howard and Tillett further claim that Harry is responsible for his wife’s behavior very ashamed should have. Only three days later, on October 15, the pregnancy was officially announced to the public.

More about Harry and Meghan:

Nasty swipe from Sarah Ferguson

But what is it about the renewed accusations against Meghan? Another Royals source told Harpers Bazaar that Harry and his wife had the good news a few days before the wedding made known by Eugenie. Nevertheless, it was at the wedding ceremony first meeting of the two with Harry’s family come, where the couple was of course congratulated on the baby news.

That it is within the royal family too Tensions came quickly became clear to outsiders. Because at the same time that Meghan’s pregnancy was communicated through the royal family’s official Twitter account, Sarah Ferguson published a post from her daughter saying “I am so proud of Eugenie and Jack“.

Certainly not a coincidence …

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