Pompeo threatens China with reprisals after ‘sad day’ for Hong Kong


The head of the US diplomacy threatened Beijing with further reprisals, deploring a “sad day” for Hong Kong after the adoption by China of a new national security law.

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“Today is a sad day for Hong Kong, and for all freedom lovers in China,” the secretary of state said in a statement.

“The United States will not stand idly by while China engulfs Hong Kong in its authoritarian mouth,” he thundered, after the promulgation by Chinese President, Xi Jinping, of a national security law. in Hong Kong.

The law is accused by its critics of being an attempt to muzzle the opposition in Hong Kong. It provides that the Chinese justice has jurisdiction for “serious” security breaches, and life imprisonment for crimes against national security.

“Pursuant to President Trump’s instructions, we will eliminate the political exemptions that give Hong Kong different and special treatment, with a few exceptions,” Pompeo warned.

At the end of May, Washington had already struck hard by revoking the preferential trade status of Hong Kong.

At the UN, 27 states, including France and Japan, have invited China to reconsider this law which, according to them, “threatens” freedoms in this autonomous territory.

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