Politics give the green light: Bundesliga restart in May


It was speculated for a long time, now there is clarity. Politicians have given the green light to continue the Bundesliga.

For Angela Merkel, football was only worth a subordinate clause for the whole range of easing. “Gaming operations are permitted under the approved rules,” commented the Chancellor, with no apparent emotion, about the unanimous decision she made with the Prime Minister on Wednesday.

On the other hand, there will be emotional outbursts among the club bosses and fans. Finally, the politics of “King Football” lifted the throne – the ball will roll again in May despite the corona crisis. At Merkel’s video conference with the 16 country heads, the way was cleared for the restart of the season in the Bundesliga and the 2nd division, which had been interrupted since mid-March, from the middle of the month.

DFL restart could happen on May 15

It is still open when exactly the ghost games will be closed to the public. The decision should be left to the German Football League (DFL). The DFL, which virtually assembled the 36 club bosses on Thursday, most recently targeted May 15. There are still nine game days left.

“The compromise on football is absolutely justifiable – even if the topic is controversial,” said Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder. According to Merkel, the teams’ quarantine of two weeks before the start of the league, previously discussed, is not necessary due to the regular tests carried out by the professionals. Professional football will probably need around 20,000 tests by the end of the season. In a first series of tests, there were a total of ten positive cases in 1724 tests.

“It is important to give professional sports as a whole a perspective,” said Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn in ZDF -Morgenmagazin: “Of course, many millions of fans ask when it can start again. There are very well developed concepts, if they are lived and implemented, you can start again with such a contact sport.”

The professional clubs will advise on how to proceed on Thursday. The billion dollar industry has won the battle for its existence, which involves around 770 million euros, the future of numerous clubs and 56,000 jobs. At best, the season should be completed by the end of June.

Salomon Kalou’s video has no direct negative impact

With the start in May, the Bundesliga became the world market leader in one fell swoop, as the other top leagues are still much further away from a restart (if there is any). However, the league will play on probation. The unmasking video by Berlin-based Salomon Kalou in particular has shown the fine line on which football is walking.

“I can only recommend that all teams and every player, even after the experiences of the past few days, take it all very, very seriously,” said Spahn with regard to Kalou RTL / n-tv . The decision in favor of professional football is, according to the CDU politician, an “advance in trust”. Fritz Keller is aware of this. “Anyone who is seriously interested in the practice of their profession adheres to the guidelines,” said the President of the German Football Association (DFB) in the image -Newspaper.

Jens Spahn 2020

National team doctor Tim Meyer, who developed the DFL concept for the restart as head of the task force, sees the further course of the season primarily at risk from possible misconduct by those involved. “It is all the more important that everyone maintain extreme discipline,” Meyer said Sport1 : “If this discipline is not observed, the best concept can falter.”

National team captain Manuel Neuer called on his colleagues to do just that. “We as professionals are responsible for our profession,” wrote the goalkeeper of record champions Bayern Munich in the FAZ : “Now it is up to each individual in the teams and their surroundings to discipline this concept with life.”

BVB boss Watzke: “The ideal prerequisite”

Hans-Joachim Watzke is sure that everything will go well. “We are now in the process in which we are relatively certain that healthy people play against healthy people – and this is the ideal prerequisite,” said the managing director of Borussia Dortmund RTL / n-tv .

Concerns like Wilhelm Bloch from the German Sport University Cologne do not calm that down. “An athlete should be concerned that an infection can be the end of his career,” said the sports medicine specialist ARD sports show .

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