Police violence, drug convoy: the CSI of Seine-Saint-Denis will be partly dissolved


The security and intervention company (CSI) of Seine-Saint-Denis is the subject of around fifteen judicial inquiries, in particular for violence, theft, falsification of reports and crimes linked to drug trafficking. Serious facts which, according to concordant sources cited by AFP, led the authorities to decide on the partial dissolution of the service.

Six police officers from the CSI 93 have been in police custody since Monday at the premises of the IGPN. They are notably suspected of possession and transport of narcotic drugs as well as theft. According to police sources, the IGPN has been on the trail of these officers for several months. The respondent’s vehicles and locker rooms were said to have been audible in an attempt to uncover the practices of these agents.

Another procedure followed the arrest of a 20-year-old young man in Saint-Ouen (Seine-Saint-Denis) for drug trafficking, on August 9, 2019. Images, taken from an amateur video and video surveillance , showed a plainclothes policeman striking the face of the arrested several times. The latter was then heard by IGPN investigators and filed a complaint for violence against the company’s police officers.

Lallement wants “a reflection on the reorganization”

The prefect Paris Didier Lallement has “decided to reflect on the reorganization of the ITUC 93 police units to which the officials concerned belong“, said the Paris Prefecture of Police, on which the unit in question depends.

Already in 2015, five police officers from the Stains (Seine-Saint-Denis) Anti-Crime Brigade (BAC) were indicted for association of criminals with a view to engaging in drug trafficking. They are suspected of racketeering or stealing drug traffickers to resell their goods. One has been imprisoned since.

CSIs are police services operating at the departmental level. They are made up of specialized units working in uniform or in civilian clothes. They participate in securing neighborhoods and can also participate in law enforcement missions.

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