Paolo Guerrero: Copa Libertadores recommended handwashing for 20 seconds with a goal from the Peruvian | VIDEO | sports


The goal that Paolo Guerrero scored for Tolima for the third round of the 2020 Copa Libertadores has once again been commented on social media. The reason is not only because this much allowed Inter Porto Alegre to enter the group stage, but because the official account in Portuguese of the tournament has used it to promote one of the most recommended measures against the expansion of the coronavirus.

The network profile of the contest published a video with the previous move that led to Guerrero’s annotation in order to promote hand washing. The 20 seconds that the World Health Organization (WHO) suggests for this basic action can be counted taking as reference the moment in which the ‘Colorado’ goalkeeper takes the ball up to the ‘Predator’ cry of celebration.

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“Twenty seconds is the time needed to wash your hands and also the time that Internacional needs to go from your area to the rival area at Beira-Río. What a great goal! “, Reads the publication.

This goal was the first for the Peruvian in this edition of the competition. Later, already by group E, they converted two more to the Catholic University of Chile in the 3-0 win, produced in the same stadium.

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A couple of weeks ago, another goal scorer for the Peruvian team was also part of a campaign, this time for Conmebol, to promote the adoption of preventive measures in the face of the disease’s progression. In that opportunity, the 3-0 that Guerrero marked Chile for the semifinals of the America’s Cup 2019.

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