OFFICIAL – Tanguy Kouassi joins Bayern Munich


Bayern Munich formalized this Wednesday the arrival of defender Tanguy Kouassi (18), at the end of the contract at PSG.


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Tanguy Kouassi is Bavarian. In a press release published on Wednesday, the German club announces the signing of the 18-year-old defender, whose aspiring contract ended on June 30 after refusing the Paris Saint-Germain pro contract offer.

Capable of playing in defense, but also in the midfield, Kouassi was looking for a project with stability. He was seduced by the speech of the German leaders and will try to make his place in a club where several French already play (Pavard, Hernandez, Tolisso, Cuisance, Coman).

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p style=”text-align: justify;”>On the Bayern Munich website, Tanguy Kouassi declares: “I am very happy to be able to play for Bayern. It is a great, traditional club. I really hope that I will succeed here. I will work hard for that.”

Sports director Hasan Salihamidzic is also delighted to be here: “We are very happy to have brought Tanguy Kouassi to Bayern. In our eyes, he is one of the greatest talents in Europe. His preferential position is central defender, but he can play in several positions. We are sure that he will have a good career with us, it’s a big boost. “

Tanguy Kouassi signed up for four years, until 2024, after having passed his medical examination on Tuesday.

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