“Oceans Eleven” star dead: Popular Hollywood star dies


US actor and director Carl Reiner died on Monday (June 29th). He became known through “Ocean’s Eleven” among others.

  • The US director Carl Reiner is dead.
  • He was among other things through “Ocean’s Eleven” and “Wealth is No Shame”.
  • He was 98 years old.

Hollywood – The US actor and director Carl Reiner is dead. He was aged on Monday 98 years died in Los Angeles, his assistant Judy Nagy told the industry magazine Variety.

Reiner was a child of Austrian immigrants in 1922 new York Born, served in the military after school, became an actor and later a director. He celebrated great success with “Oh God…“(1977),”Wealth is not a shame“(1979) and”Solo for 2“(1984). Reiner had three children, one of whom was the director Rob Reinerwho among other thingsHarry and Sally“Turned.

USA: Carl Reiner is dead – comedy legend had countless roles

Reiner’s show career survived 70 years, he is considered a comedy legend in America. He received four Emmys and one grammy. One of the numerous series in which he participated is “Two and a half men“. In “Ocean’s Eleven” he played trickster Saul Bloom, the cult figure from Florida. Despite his old age, Reiner always remained active, so in 2019 he spoke a character in the animated film “A toy story“. Producer John Beck expressed his grief over Reiner’s death:

USA: Carl Reiner is dead – he was not a Trump fan

In addition, many knew him from guest roles in the series “Dr. House” and “Ally McBeal“. Reiner was still active until the end Social media – at 98 years. The son of Jewish-Austrian immigrants had no sympathy for the US president Donald Trump * left. Significant that he was in his last Tweet with the head of state:

Reiner writes: “When I woke up at 7.30 this morning it made me sad that I had to relive the day when a bankrupt and corrupt businessman who had no qualifications was chosen to be the leader of any country.” .

Reiner was also involved in a campaign by U.S. veterans in 2019 Impeachment procedure against Donald Trump. Another Hollywood star director had just died recently. (epp with material from dpa) * merkur.de is part of the Ippen editorial network

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