Netflix Party: Netflix parties for several but at a distance


Watching Netflix with others without being physically present in the same place, that’s what Netflix Party offers, an extension for Chrome and Opera. Even if the social distancing instructions are no longer what they used to be, this service remains interesting. The competitor Amazon Prime Video has even formalized a similar function but only across the Atlantic.

Netflix Party is not new, but the extension and the service have been the subject of numerous updates until the spring – it has calmed down since – to strengthen their functioning.

The principle is to start reading a program and then invite other people to watch it at the same time and discuss it via a chat space (text only) integrated into the web page.

All things that you can also do in front of your TV while chatting via any messaging, but some may find it more fun to have a synchronized reading of the program in everyone. However, it only works from computers, not from mobile browsers.

An invitation can be shared with a group of up to 50 people (in the best of cases) and each must have their own account.

Then it’s quite simple and there is no need to create an additional account. We install the extension, launch Netflix in its usual web interface and click on the “NP” button in the browser toolbar. We get an invitation link to share with friends. There is only one option, that of reserving control of the reading. Otherwise, everyone can advance or go to the next episode for everyone.

Interesting detail, everyone can watch the program with the audio of their choice, depending on whether you are more in favor of VOST or VF. As for the cat, it is attached to the program viewing window.

The jump to another episode is managed, on the other hand if you completely change the program you will have to generate a new invitation link. Obviously, if you watch Netflix from different countries, there is no guarantee that the chosen program will be available there.

Normally the system is designed to ensure synchronized reading for everyone, this is a bit the main objective. It would be stupid if someone, ahead of reading, did not disclose the twist to others.

This shared reading service is free, its developers rely on donations via a Patreon to make it work and add servers managing connections and synchronization.

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