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Warhol last exhibited in mumok in 1981 – that is, during his lifetime. An exhibition on his work, almost 40 years later, is “more than overdue”, the museum said in the announcement. It starts with the show “Misfitting Together”, which places Warhol’s work in an art historical context.

Originally the exhibition on the fourth floor and fourth floor was intended as a flanking bracket for the other two parts of the exhibition. “Andy Warhol Exhibits A Glittering Alternative” and “Defrosting The Icebox”, which Warhol honor as exhibition and installation artist and as curator, will only start on September 25th. Now the context comes before the main text – and sometimes opens up surprising insights.

mumok / Klaus Pichler / The Andy Warhol Foundation

Warhol’s series “Flower” welcomes as a carpet of flowers

Only supposedly big differences

Warhol locates the compilation curated by Marianne Dobner and Naoko Kaltschmidt in the other currents of his time, not only in his own school. Works of Minimal and Conceptual Art form together with the Pop Art works a polyphonic choir, in which the delimitation of the individual vocal subjects is by no means as easy as art history often suggests. The comparison of the mostly large-format exhibits shows how much the supposedly so sharply different approaches overlap.

Exhibition notice
“Misfitting together. Serial formations of Pop Art, Minimal Art and Conceptual Art ”, mumok, Museumsplatz 1, July 1 to January 6, 2021

As a link between the three schools, the serial order was chosen as a method in mumok. The focus is on overcoming the individual artist’s personality as a decision-making body, which is to be replaced by objectifiable processes. Instead, the apparently initially stupid repetition of what has always been the same opens up the possibility of discovering the joy of the nuances in detail.

Orange Car Crash by Warhol in the exhibition, from 1963

mumok / Klaus Pichler

Andy Warhol’s “Orange Car Crash” from 1963

Walk-in mouse museum

The mumok also opposes the common location of serial work in the USA. Warhol and other US greats such as Lichtenstein, Jasper Johns or Sol LeWitt are compared to European counterparts such as Hanne Darboven, Charlotte Posenenske or the “Firearms” poster series by the recently deceased Lutz Bacher.

The breaking up of traditional hierarchies is emphasized in the basement with hangings that deviate from the usual viewing height. The upper floor is dominated by Claes Oldenburg, whose Mouse Museum as a walk-in installation drives the triviality of the serial collection and the variation of the same shape into the bizarre.

Mouse Museum in the exhibition

mumok / Klaus Pichler

The “Mouse Museum” is accessible

Free entry to the opening and children’s program

The opening is celebrated at mumok without an official celebration, but it is due. The house is open until 9 p.m. on Wednesday, and entry is free from 6 p.m. For the hours before, 200 free tickets were given away. And in front of the house, educational projects for children and families are scheduled for the day.

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