Milan Baros hangs up the crampons


Former Czech goalscorer Milan Baros has just ended his playing career.


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The last 2005 European Liverpool champion to be still active, Milan Baros has chosen to retire. At 38, after a final experience with his training club Banik Ostrava, the former Czech international said stop.

Baros has one of the best records in the history of Czech football. In addition to his continental crown, he also has the FA Cup, the League Cup and also two French championships. Between 2007 and 2008, he had made a short trip to Lyon under the orders of his former coach with the Reds, Gérard Houllier. In the Rhône, he was noticed more for his speeding at the edge of his racing cars than for his exploits on the ground.

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Banik Ostrava offers him a retraining

On an individual level, Baros also has the distinction of having finished the best director in the 2004 European championship. He has defended the colors of his country 93 times (41 goals).


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Baros has pulled out, but his club hopes he will continue in football. Vaclav Brabec, the president, would be ready to give him a role in the management: “I dare to believe that it is only the player’s career that is over with us. I hope Baros will stay in another position with us. ”

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