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Various cantons discuss the controversial topic: Bern Health Director Schnegg on the practical implementation.

Mask requirement in public transport or not: The discussion has flared up in view of the increased number of corona infections. Since the exceptional situation has been abolished, the decision has been in the competence of the cantons.

In Ticino and Geneva, a mask requirement is being discussed today. The agenda for the Bernese cantonal government is also on the table today: Health Director Pierre Alain Schnegg (SVP) will make an application at the weekly meeting of the committee.

Various cantons are advancing

Schnegg justified his approach to SRF News by saying that the number of positive cases has increased again in recent days – albeit at a low level: “But: If we want to prevent a second wave, we must take action now.”

The border cantons of Ticino and Geneva have been much more affected by the pandemic in recent months than the canton of Bern. “We were lucky. But the virus continues to circulate in the population, »Schnegg explains his move.

A second lockdown must be prevented at all costs. “That is our responsibility.” In Bern, the contagions were spread across the canton and there were many people commuting to work every day. “Now is the right time to do something.”

However, there are practical questions when implementing a mandatory mask: Many travelers and commuters do not stick to the canton’s borders, just as little as the virus itself. In future it will be said: Mask on when entering the Canton of Bern, mask off when entering the Kanton Aargau? “I think the cantons will find a uniform solution pretty quickly,” says the SVP politician.

At the conference of cantonal health directors (GDK) on Tuesday, the plan was to consult the cantons on the question of whether to wear a mask. The goal is a coordinated approach. If a canton imposes a mask requirement in its area, the GDK recommends an intercantonal or at least a regional agreement.

A question of trust

Schnegg is optimistic: “The cantonal health directors agree that something needs to be done. I assume that we will soon be required to wear a mask across Switzerland. »

A patchwork of the Corona measures should therefore be prevented. Why is Bern rushing ahead anyway? “It is important that a few cantons take a stand and give a boost.”

Holidays are just around the corner in Switzerland – and with it an increase in the number of people traveling around the country. Especially since many people will spend their vacation in Switzerland. “And for the people who use public transport, it is also important that they can trust it,” concludes Schnegg. It will be shown today whether he will be heard by his government colleagues in Bern.

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