Luxembourg wastewater: the virus detected from February 24


The LIST researchers are formal: Covid-19 was already circulating in Luxembourg before the confirmation of the first positive case.

Luxembourg has joined an international alliance to analyze the presence of coronavirus in wastewater. After many European countries, the United States, Brazil and India have joined this scientific project. “We have developed an effective methodology to get a picture of the potential prevalence of the virus in the population”, summarizes Pr Henry-Michel Cauchie, from the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST).

Last Thursday, the researcher engaged in the Covid-19 taskforce presented the latest results of the samples collected at the entrance to the country’s treatment plants. LIST focused on the Beggen stations, which treat the wastewater of 140,000 people, and the Schifflange station, which sees the wastewater of 90,000 people.

The re-emergence of Covid-19 makes itself felt

From the outset, Professor Cauchie was able to confirm news that had already been announced in recent weeks: “We analyzed frozen samples in collaboration with the National Health Laboratory. It is confirmed that the virus was detected on February 24 in the country’s wastewater. ” The first official coronavirus infection was announced on February 29. It was a man returning from a trip to Italy.

Since then, the presence of the virus in wastewater has generally followed the number of real infections. During the first phase of deconfinement, the lights were mostly green in the wastewater. “Since June 25, there has been a re-emergence of the virus in the samples analyzed,” notes Henry-Michel Cauchie. The following stations are affected: Beggen, Bettembourg, Schifflange, Bleesbrück, Mersch, Pétange and Hesperange.


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