Liverpool: Mohamed Salah criticized for his individualism!


The heady quest for the goal of Mohamed Salah marked Graeme Souness, former legend of Liverpool, for whom the Egyptian pushed the greed of the attackers “to another level”.

Crowned champion, Liverpool won in Brighton (3-1) on Wednesday and keeps their chances intact to beat the Manchester City points record over a season (100 in 2017-2018). Four days to go, the Reds have 92 points and can reach a total of 104 units if they sign a no-fault. But another debate stirred up the men’s evening by Jürgen Klopp.

Graeme Souness, former legend of the Reds, dwelled on the exacerbated individualism of Mohamed Salah, very focused on his quest for the goal to the point of forgetting his teammates. With one goal: to finish top scorer in the Premier League.

His two achievements allow him to count 19 units and return to three lengths from Jamie Vardy, current top scorer (ahead of Aubameyang, 20 goals). “He was selfish, wasn’t he? From the first minute, Souness told Sky Sports. It is important for him, you see his reaction when his teammates did not find him at the end of the match.

He fired on every occasion, his teammates were not delighted two or three times. Tonight, he was selfish, but that’s because he wants this golden shoe (which rewards the top scorer of the year, note). They won the title of champion, he did his part and he thinks it’s there for him. Mané has fallen out with him in the past due to occasions when he believes he should have passed the ball to him. All the scorers are sometimes greedy, but I think that he has reached another level. At the start of the season, Sadio Mané had let loose his anger against his teammate who had failed to conclude an action alone when the Senegalese was perfectly distinguished.

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