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The coronavirus pandemic is accelerating its race around the world. According to the WHO, more than 230,000 new cases of coronavirus were registered on Sunday, a record. The United States is particularly affected, with a spectacular progression of the epidemic in Florida or Texas.

In Europe, Spain has decided to reconfigure part of Catalonia after an upsurge in Covid-19 cases. Hungary will ban residents of African countries, most Asian countries and some European states from entering Tuesday. In France, virological tests will multiply in airports, while Prime Minister Jean Castex once again called for vigilance.

The main information to remember:

> WHO recorded more than 230,000 new cases of coronavirus on Sunday, a record

> In the United States, the virus continues its rapid growth

> Mexico becomes the 4th most bereaved country

Follow the events of this Monday July 13th live:

> An effective vaccine unlikely in 2021 according to an epidemiologist

The probability of having a 100% “effective” vaccine against the coronavirus in 2021 is low, estimated epidemiologist Arnaud Fontanet on Sunday, inviting the French to “return to more serious habits” in the face of epidemic risk.

“A vaccine is several years of development, there is of course an unprecedented effort to develop this vaccine but I would be very surprised if we had in 2021 a vaccine that is effective”, affirmed on BFMTV this member of the Council scientist responsible for enlightening the French government in the face of the health crisis.

“We will probably have a vaccine that will work partially,” he added, insisting that “the end of the epidemic” is still “very far”.

> On an express visit to Guyana, Jean Castex calls for vigilance

On an express visit to this French territory in South America, the Prime Minister considered that the Republic had spared no means for Guyana and welcomed the improvement of the situation.

During his visit to Cayenne, he also called on the French to be vigilant, and indicated that “the question of developing” the wearing of the mask was “under study” and would “primarily” concern enclosed spaces.

> Spain: justice suspends reconfiguration of an area in Catalonia

Spanish justice has suspended the home reconfiguration of residents of an area of ​​Catalonia around the city of Lleida, ordered on Sunday by regional authorities due to a strong rebound in the cases of Covid-19.

“The Lleida guard court has decided not to ratify the measures of the resolution of July 12” taken by the regional government “because they are against the law,” said on its Twitter account the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia. This decision, which effectively suspends this reconfiguration, is subject to appeal.

> Production taxes: regions fully compensated for a drop in their resources

The regions will be fully compensated for the decrease in their revenues due to the reduction in production taxes planned by the government in the recovery plan, announced the Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire.

“We will compensate for the tax loss for the regions (…) and we will compensate it in full,” promised the minister on RTL. As part of the recovery plan, the government wants to reduce production taxes that weigh on businesses and is looking to significantly reduce the CVAE (contribution on business value added).

> Consumption in France is almost normal

Consumption in France has almost returned to its normal level after the collapse caused by the crisis linked to the new coronavirus, said Bruno Le Maire.

“Consumption is picking up. A few weeks ago, we were at minus 30% of consumption in France, today we are just minus 5%. We almost found normal, “said the Minister of Economy on RTL.

> Pensions: reform is “absolutely essential”, judge Bruno Le Maire

Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Monday that the pension reform was “absolutely essential” when the social partners refused to put it back on the table immediately.

“I think it is necessary to go through with this pension reform. We can see first of all that there is a deficit, we can see that we are all living longer, we can see that collectively we have to work more and that this is a condition for the recovery of France ”, he added.

> South Africa reimposes curfew

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has decided to reimpose a curfew and again suspend the sale of alcohol in the face of an increase in cases of coronavirus. “As we head towards the peak of infections, it is vital that we do not overload our clinics and hospitals with avoidable alcohol-related injuries,” he said. He noted that 12,000 cases of coronavirus had been recorded every day in recent weeks.

> Still nearly 60,000 contaminations in the United States

The United States, the country most affected by the pandemic, Sunday identified 59,747 new infections in 24 hours, according to the daily report of the Johns Hopkins University.

The number of confirmed cases stood at 3,301,820 and the number of deaths at 135,171 (442 more in 24 hours). By Saturday, the number of new infections in the United States had reached a record 66,528 in 24 hours.

> Nearly 10 million children at risk of never going back to school

Before the pandemic, 258 million children and adolescents were already outside the education system worldwide. Up to 1.6 billion students have had to drop out of school (from school to university) due to the pandemic, according to a report by the NGO Save the Children.

The association, which calls on governments and donors to act in response to this “global educational emergency”, estimates that up to nearly 9.7 million students are at risk of dropping out of school forever by the end of the year.

> The balance sheet is increasing in Brazil

The country has registered an additional 631 deaths linked to the coronavirus epidemic in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number to 72,100, according to data released by the Ministry of Health.

More than 1,864,600 cases of infection have also been identified in the South American country, the most affected in the world by the health crisis after the United States.

> Only one additional death reported in Germany

The number of confirmed cases in Germany increased to 198,963, 159 more than the previous day, according to data released by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for infectious diseases. Only one additional death has been reported, according to RKI, bringing the total to 9,064 deaths since the start of the epidemic in the country.

> Rapid tests now available in pharmacies

Despite the hostility of medical biologists, pharmacies that have been asking for it for long weeks are now authorized to carry out rapid diagnostic orientation tests (TROD) of the coronavirus. These tests allow you to know, in a few minutes, whether or not you are carrying SARS-CoV-2 antibodies.

> Argentina exceeds 100,000 cases

The Argentine Ministry of Health said on Sunday that 2,657 new confirmed cases of contamination have been identified in the country, bringing the total toll to 100,166 since the start of the epidemic, which has also caused 1,845 deaths. Over 3,000 additional cases had been reported daily in the previous four days.

Strict containment measures were imposed in mid-March before being relaxed in May. However, the authorities again confined the capital Buenos Aires and its surroundings at the end of June due to an outbreak of infections.

> Mexico becomes the 4th most bereaved country

Mexico has registered 4,482 cases of contamination and 276 additional deaths, the Ministry of Health reported, bringing the epidemic’s toll to 299,750 cases and 35,006 deaths. Italy, which is now the 5th most affected country, had 34,954 deaths on Sunday.

> WHO records 230,000 new cases in 24 hours, a record

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recorded 230,370 new cases of coronavirus worldwide in 24 hours, a record. The largest increases were seen in the United States, Brazil, India and South Africa, according to the daily report established by the UN organization.

The previous daily record of 228,102 new cases dated last Friday. The number of deaths has remained stable at around 5,000 per day.

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