In Mexico, when is the peak of the pandemic and the coronavirus curve?


They first targeted it for May and currently postponed it for mid-June, although there is a discrepancy in the days.


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The pandemic of coronavirus in Mexico add another week since the appearance of the disease in national territory since the end of February 2020. Specifically, the first case that was known dates back to the 24th of said month. Therefore, it is approximately 4 months after its appearance and, for now, the peak.

What is the beak? He maximum number of infections —And usually goes hand in hand with deaths registered— in the curve which describes the behavior of the COVID-19 in our population. A prediction that is carried out based on statistical models and in which, in the Republic, it has been mainly behind Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez, undersecretary of Prevention and health promotion.

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Since the health crisis began, the government authorities headed by the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador they have moved the original dates for later. First they gave an estimate and later they postponed it as the days passed.

Then in Goal We tell you when this moment can be expected to come.


It is a question that reporters question at each press conference and that impatience a large percentage of the population, despite the fact that in Mexico there is no federal imposition to save quarantine. Only the National Day of Healthy Distance (JNSN), which ran from March 23 to May 30.

Having clarified this, the last time López-Gatell referred to the issue dates from June 11. On that occasion, the official mentioned in an interview that in the middle and / or end of that month he could

“We started in February, we will finish in october and we could say that mid June we will be in the middle of the set of epidemic curves, ”he told the Spanish news agency EFE.

It should be remembered that he had previously projected it for the Wednesday, May 6 and then ran it through the Friday 8 and Sunday 10; a prognosis that was not fulfilled, as the cases increased with the conclusion of the JNSN.

The undersecretary avoided referring to the issue again until June; however, on other occasions he clarified that mathematical calculation was not “an exact science with an exact time” and that, as such, it considered a margin of error.

“Due to different changes in social behavior and infections, the epidemic has lasted. The peak is already blurred because instead of a peak it turned plateau and we accumulate 22 days on the plateau ”, he added.

He also noted that it is practically impossible to indicate a peak for all of Mexico, since the SARS-CoV-2 it acts differently in the municipalities and states. For example, according to his version, cities like Tijuana show a drop in the figures, while Monterrey still describe a rise.

“In the country there is not a single epidemic. There are different curves and there can also be curves with more than one peak. In Tabasco we have a curve that started to drop, but afterwards confinement was relaxed, there were infections and another curve appeared on the same epidemic process. This illustrates what we have referred to as the risk of regrowth, “he said.

Meanwhile, the Center for Research in Mathematics (Cimat), belonging to the National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt), estimates that the peak will be June 29 and the end of the curve in March 2021.

18 entities would finish the first cycle between July and December; the rest would stretch to June 2021. Under this scenario, those with the most cases would be Jalisco, Guanajuato, Puebla, Mexico City and New Lion.


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