‘In 2021 we will have a robust economy,’ Cortizo


The President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo, held a meeting with the GESE Editorial Board. He said he analyzes changes in his cabinet

The President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo, acknowledged that 2020 will be “complicated and difficult” for the country’s economy and was optimistic for what is coming next year.

“We are hopeful – not only because of the projections of international organizations, but because of the information handled by the Ministry of Economy and Finance – that by 2021 we will have a more robust economy,” said the president.

Cortizo held, on Monday, a meeting with the Editorial Board of the Grupo Editorial La Estrella El Siglo (GESE) that publishes the newspapers La Estrella de Panamá and El Siglo. Then in a short interview with this newspaper he spoke about political, economic and social issues.

In a month, you have a year in office, do you plan to change cabinet? The Panama Star asked.

“We are analyzing this,” replied the President.

The president reiterated the need for people to follow the biosecurity measures established by the Ministry of Health to guarantee the success of the opening of the second block and to decide on the date of the third block.

“We as Panamanians have been successful in this first phase, but it is the first phase. There are other countries that have been successful, but when the process of opening the bloc begins due to carelessness or thinking that the battle has been won, they have returned to a second wave of infections that is worse than the first, ”he stressed.

He was emphatic that in order to pass to the third block of reopening of companies it is necessary to “do a good job” at this time. “I hope that each one does his job and complies with the sanitary measures and so we can advance to the third block,” he reiterated.

Cortizo recognized that the health crisis disrupted his government plan and that adjustments are currently being made to later announce to the population “What can be done and what cannot be done”.

He reported that as of today the digital vouchers corresponding to the month of June begin to be delivered and that in July “he will have very positive news” about the aid offered by the government for the health crisis.

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