Ian Desmond announces he will not play this season


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DENVER (AP) — Ian Desmond announced that he will not play this season with the Rockies of Colorado to decide to stay with your family and help to improve the program of baseball in his hometown in Florida.

The gardener of 34 years, published on Monday on Instagram that “the pandemic of COVID-19 has made this baseball season it becomes not a risk I’m willing to take”.

But the slugger biracial also mentioned a myriad of problems within baseball, including racism, sexism, homophobia and socio-economic issues.

“With a pregnant wife and four small children with many questions about what is happening in the world, my home is the place where I need to be now,” wrote Desmond. “At home for my wife, Chelsey. At home to help. At home to guide. At home to answer the questions of the three largest on the coronavirus, civil rights, and the life. In home to be your dad.”

Desmond, who hit for .255 with 20 homers in 140 games last year, was to receive about 5.5 million dóares of the pro-rated portion of his salary of 15 million, and that forms part of your contract of 70 million and five years. You are still left with 8 billion next year, and the agreement includes an option for the team 15 million by 2022, and a rescission of $ 2 million.

He clarified that he has been sharing his thoughts and experiences as a man of bi-racial since the death of George Floyd in Minnesota on may 25.

Desmond indicated that he began to see things in a different way after a recent visit to a baseball diamond of Sarasota where he played small. He wrote that he thought that I was sloppy and said it was important for the baseball to grow.

He said he wants to help restore the baseball program youth of Sarasota.

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