Google Play Pass arrives in France


In 2019, after the launch of the Apple Arcade service, which provides access to a list of games on the devices of the Cupertino company, Google also launched its counter-offensive: Google Play Pass. It is a monthly subscription that allows you to access a list of games and applications without ads, and without paying for premium offers. Since then, we haven’t heard too much about this subscription offered by Google. But today, the Mountain View company announces new products.

When Play Pass was launched in the United States, it gave access to a list of 350 games and applications. And since then, Google has added 150 new titles to this list. In this rather special period, the Mountain View company also indicates that it has added titles specially designed for children. In addition, a series of new titles will make their “firsts” on Play Pass, a way for Google to counter the exclusives of Apple Arcade.

Google also now offers an annual subscription that costs the user less. While the monthly Play Pass subscription costs $ 4.9 in the U.S., the annual subscription will cost $ 29.99.

Finally available in France!

But the most important is that from now on, Google Play Pass is available in France. “Play Pass, including all of the updates we’re announcing today, is coming to Android devices in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Spain and United Kingdom this week », announces Austin Shoemaker, product manager at Google Play. Like most subscription services, Play Pass offers a one-month trial period for new users. To access it, go to the Play Store application, press the menu at the top left, then press “Play Pass”, if the new service is already available.

In addition to the fact that this subscription allows Google to counter Apple Arcade, it could also be an interesting alternative to advertising on mobile applications: users no longer see ads, but the developers of the applications receive revenue thanks to subscriptions. After, the success of this offer will mainly depend on the list of applications and games that are available.

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