Google Maps will show the number of bikes in …


Are you in a big city and looking for a self-service bike to get around? Google Maps intends to help you by displaying the places closest to you to find them and the number of free places in a station, explains the mapping application in a press release Monday.

For now, the new feature is only available in a limited number of cities, such as London, New York, Montreal or Rio de Janeiro. Google has announced that it will be “gradually rolled out” in the coming months. It remains to be seen whether Swiss cities will be included.

Google Maps, what is it?

  • 1 billion users Google Maps, which claims more than one billion monthly users, has mapped more than 220 countries and territories, offers real-time traffic information in 171 countries and receives more than 20 million individual contributions every day.
  • The reference Launched on February 8, 2005, the application has established itself as the benchmark online mapping service, outstripping its competitors like Apple and Microsoft.
  • Easy trips It facilitates the daily movements of millions of individuals to the detriment, sometimes, of the sense of direction.

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