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In partnership with Buy on Google, Digital offers an exclusive promo code that will allow you to benefit from an 8% discount on a selection of products for a maximum of € 200 and only via Google Shopping with Buy on Google.

AOC screen, JBL Bluetooth speaker, drone, etc. : Digital offers you a small bath of technology before attacking the summer heat. From July 1 at 8 a.m. to July 5 at 11:59 p.m., the promo code LESNUMERIQUES8 will allow you to benefit from 8% on a selection of products tested and approved by our editorial staff, within the limit of € 200 promotion with Buy on Google.

How to buy on Google

Buy on Google offers Internet users to shop at several hundred merchants who answered the call (Boulanger, Carrefour, Darty…). Thus, by performing a query on Google Shopping (the best results of which go up in Google Search), it is possible to buy a product directly via Google or to add it to your basket.

The shopping cart is universal. We can thus pay at once, with Google Pay, an order that includes a product A purchased from Boulanger and a product B ordered from Darty, for example.

The selected references are among the favorites of our editorial staff. Discover them by universe.


Without the attributes that also make the classic Switch a living room console, the Switch Lite is positioned alone on the niche of the portable console, represented until then by the aging family of 3DS and 2DS. A good idea ? Read the test

Nintendo Switch Lite

Price with promo code THE NUMBERS 8 : € 193.28

Eleven months after the Forma eReader was released, Kobo opens a new chapter with the Libra H2O: a concentrate of Kobo technologies including sealing and reading comfort as well as new reading functions. Read the test

Price with promo code THE NUMBERS 8 : € 165.59

A good price-performance ratio

It is always a small event to see a new product appear on a market that we thought asleep. This is how Kobo has just released its Clara HD, a new entry-level reader with a 6-inch screen with ComfortLight technology. On the other hand, entry level requires and to contain the price, it is not waterproof. The Clara HD therefore replaces the Kobo Aura Edition 2 released almost two years ago. Read the test

Price with promo code THE NUMBERS 8 : € 101.19

After having conquered the amateurs of shots with its foldable quadavotors Mavic, DJI puts back the cover with an even more compact and light drone, to take everywhere with you: the Mavic Mini. The real replacement for Spark? Read the test

Price with promo code THE NUMBERS 8 : € 367.08


Solid services, from start to finish

Launched at € 179, the Elite 65t is the second model of ultras wirefree (100% wireless) from Jabra after the Elite Sport released in March 2017. This time, the manufacturer promises a pair of more comfortable ultras specifically dedicated to mobile listening and many features, including Bluetooth 5.0. We must admit that the result is there. Read the test

Price after promo THE NUMBERS 8 : € 91.08

Sennheiser is back with the second version of his great headphones true wireless. Are the Momentum True Wireless 2, now equipped with active noise reduction, able to compete with the WF-1000XM3 or the AirPods Pro? Read the test

Price after promo THE NUMBERS 8 : € 275.99

Audio and comfort benefits further improved

This is already the third version of Sony’s active noise canceling wireless headphones. Two years after an already excellent original MDR-1000X, and a year after a very shy WH-1000XM2, this new iteration allows slightly deeper modifications aimed at eradicating some of the rare weaknesses of its predecessors. Good news: most of them hit the bull’s eye. Read the test

Price after promo THE NUMBERS 8 : 275.08 €

Equally efficient, even less bulky

The Plantronics Backbeat Pro has reigned supreme for over a year in the buying guide for mobile headsets, which cannot be ignored thanks to its excellent sound rendering, its solidity, the completeness of its controls, its autonomy; all this for a very reasonable price. Let’s see if his younger brother does him honor … or surpasses him. Read the test

Price after promo THE NUMBERS 8 : € 156.39

Nvidia renews its Shield TV multimedia box for a third version, the most visible change of which is its tubular design. The manufacturer has also undertaken to add some welcome software innovations. Read the test

Price after promo THE NUMBERS 8 : € 147.19

6 years after the launch in 2013 of the first Flip of the name, here is already the fifth iteration of JBL’s most adventurous nomad speaker, at the same time compact, powerful and very resistant. Read the test

Price after promo THE NUMBERS 8 : € 81.88

The return of “Blumlein stereo”

Marshall is continuing to renew its range of Bluetooth speakers with the second iteration of the Stockwell, its most compact model, which sees itself decked out in the famous “Blumlein stereophony” which has become a signature of the brand. Read the test

Price after promo THE NUMBERS 8 : € 183.99

It’s not been 10 months since the excellent Dolby Atmos Samsung Harman / Kardon HW-N850 soundbar came out, and it’s already replaced. Overzealous ? Not so much, since the HW-Q80R succeeds it with almost nothing to change. So much the better, by the way. Read the test

Price after promo THE NUMBERS 8 : € 919.08


A formidable autonomy

The Neato Botvac D6 Connected is one of the last models to have joined the catalog of the American manufacturer. This version puts on a “high-performance” filtration capacity by inaugurating an “ultra-high-performance” filter supposed to capture allergens. Read the test

Price after promo THE NUMBERS 8 : € 459.99

The 2020 Cookeo marks a considerable break with its predecessors. The Moulinex Cookeo Touch Wi-Fi inaugurates a large 4.3-inch touch screen that gives access to the manufacturer’s 250 recipes and guided cooking. Read the test

Price after promo THE NUMBERS 8 : € 367.99

Another step forward in this market

While Dyson has already set sail for stick vacuums, widening the competition by a good distance, the British manufacturer offers with the V8 Absolute a new “clean” emptying system and better autonomy. On paper, the V8 has it all. Read the test

Price after promo THE NUMBERS 8 : € 325.68

The Dyson V11 Extra is an improvement on the Dyson V11 Absolute. The only difference is in its removable battery. We must therefore expect performance similar in all respects to that of its predecessor. Read the test

Price after promo THE NUMBERS 8 : 597.08 €

A good breath of fresh air

The Pure Hot + Cool is the most expensive air purifier in the Dyson catalog. And for good reason, it purifies, ventilates, heats, connects to the Internet and is controlled via an application. Read the test

Price after promo THE NUMBERS 8 : € 597.99


Xiaomi’s Mi Note family hasn’t been renewed for a long time. The Mi Note 10 revives the lineage and offers a host of attractive features for a low price. A haloed return of success. Read the test

Price after promo THE NUMBERS 8 : € 459.08

The Oppo A5 version 2020 is the most accessible model from the Chinese manufacturer. With this versatile and cheap phone, Oppo intends to follow in the footsteps of the Xiaomi Redmi, but also of the Mi A3

Price after promo THE NUMBERS 8 : € 155.48

A range of quality photos

After the Galaxy S10 and its three photo modules, make way for the Huawei P30 Pro which inaugurates for the first time a “5x zoom” on a consumer smartphone and which promises to offer you new photographic horizons. Read the test

Price after promo THE NUMBERS 8 : € 653.19


And in addition, it is well calibrated

The AOC Q3277PQU is a competitor to the Philips BDM3270QP. Finally, competitor … not really, since AOC and Philips belong to MMD, a subsidiary of TP Vision. The AOC monitor tested here therefore uses the same AMVA panel and the results are up to expectations. The choice will therefore be made on the price or on the design. Read the test

Price after promo THE NUMBERS 8 : € 378.12


Insta360, specialist in 360 ° video, unveiled in October 2018 the One X. With a little delay, the camera finally arrived in testing with serious arguments: a 5.7K image and stabilization that promises to be very effective. Read the test

Price after promo THE NUMBERS 8 : € 431.48

At the beginning of autumn, GoPro presents its new products in the action-cam segment. La GoPro Hero 8 Black y a été révélée. La stabilisation est améliorée et les fixations sont directement intégrées au châssis de la Hero8 Black. Lire le test

Prix après la promo LESNUMERIQUES8 : 395,59 €


Performance et discrétion au rendez-vous

Le fabricant chinois E-Twow a récemment lancé sa Booster S2 Plus, une version revue et corrigée de la Booster S2, sa précédente trottinette électrique. Plus de confort, plus de couple, plus de sécurité… mais moins d’autonomie. De quoi offrir un véhicule urbain globalement réussi, et l’un des meilleurs que nous ayons testés aux Numériques. Lire le test

Prix après la promo LESNUMERIQUES8 : 643,08 €

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