Gareth Bale is determined to agree with his critics


The image of the soccer player, with the mask of mask and sleeping in the stands, has reopened the box of thunder.


So true is that there has been a campaign for years of harassment and demolition of Gareth Bale, such as that the Welshman from Real Madrid does little of his part to change things. The last of the white end has been to put on the mask and take a nap in the stands of Alfredo Di Stéfano while his team played LaLiga against Alavés. The image, how could it be otherwise, is going around the world and puts Bale back on target, to the delight of many, who are going to use the Welshman again as a ‘pim, pam, pum’ doll , although this time it will be with reason.

It is true that Bale has been out of the club for almost a year and a half with almost two feet, and if he is still on the Concha Espina club list, it is because nobody is willing to pay him what he charges. His last seasons are of a negligible and blushing level for a footballer of his stature, but the smear campaign comes from further back, even when the footballer scored goals that made his team conquer the European Cups.

The feeling from the outside is that Bale has already decided to take the world by storm and all he is doing is giving his critics a foothold so that they can take out the artillery. From the famous’ Wales flag. Golf. Madrid. In that order “, passing by leaving the Bernabéu prematurely, while his teammates are playing, to end up sleeping in the stands with LaLiga at stake. Not like that, Gareth.

There are already four consecutive games in which Cardiff does not play for a minute. Zidane, who has tried to get it back several times, appears to have given up. Not playing does not legitimize Bale -or anyone- to give that image of disdain and apathy, in addition to being a lack of respect towards his teammates.

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I agree that the campaign of harassment and demolition of the footballer has touched at times the Dantesque, but with images like yesterday is to give strength to that campaign around him. The footballer is back at the feet of the horses and this time the fault is solely and exclusively his.

Surely Bale and Real Madrid will not have more than two months to hold on, so the footballer must make an effort to be professional or, at least, appear so.

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