Focal point or family district? The two favorites


The conflict
Different forces recently met in Favorites. Nationalist Turks and sympathizers of the right-wing extremist movement of the “Gray Wolves” stand on the violent side. There are also increasing numbers of supporters of the Turkish ruling party AKP among the rioters. Left-wing Kurdish and Turkish demonstrators, as well as supporters of anti-fascist movements form the opposite side. Kurds and left-wing Turkish-born democrats are an enemy of Turkish nationalists, and they are also hostile to the Gray Wolves

Around 207,000 people lived in Favoriten in early 2020. It is Vienna’s most populous district. 37 percent of the residents are not Austrian citizens (30 percent across Vienna). Most unemployed people live here by far; in 2019, 17,375 favorites had no job. The average annual income is only 19,122 euros. 2019 was the district with the highest crime rate in Favoriten

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