Finistère: a teenager tries to steal a car and dies crushed by the door


It was the owners of one of the two vehicles who made the macabre discovery in the early hours of Tuesday. A teenager died, trapped between two cars, in an avenue in Landerneau (Finistère).

According to Ouest France, the first elements of the investigation focus on accidental circumstances. The adolescent allegedly attempted to steal a vehicle. He would have released the handbrake from the car at the top of this sloping street. The vehicle, on the descent, would have struck another vehicle while the adolescent was still outside of it. The door would then have suddenly closed on him.

Jean-Philippe Récappé, the prosecutor of the Republic of Brest, evokes a suffocating death of the adolescent. However, an autopsy should be performed to find out the exact circumstances of the death.

The teenager from the Brest region was placed on child welfare and had been staying for a few days in a hotel in Landerneau.

According to Ouest France, he also tried to commit a burglary at the Mescoat college, with another 15-year-old boy, on the night of Saturday July 11 to Sunday July 12. The gendarmes had surprised the two minors in the act.

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