Few daughters so far insolvent: Is Wirecard about to be broken up?


Payment service provider Wirecard faces bankruptcy. The insolvency administrator, however, refers to numerous subsidiaries that have not yet been affected by the collapse of the Dax group. He therefore assumes a breakup.
Wirecard insolvency administrator Michael Jaffe expects the payment processor to be sold in individual parts. “A large number of investors from all over the world have already registered who are interested in acquiring the core business (or) the independent and independently operating business units,” said Jaffe after a meeting of the creditors’ committee.

According to insiders, this includes financial investors, but also rivals such as the French Worldline. The insolvency administrator explained that the creditors had also given the green light for mandating specialized investment banks to deal with the sale of the individual parts of the company.

So far, hardly any daughters in bankruptcy

The US subsidiary Wirecard North America had already put up for sale on Tuesday. Wirecard had taken over the former Citi Prepaid Card Services in 2016. So far, apart from the parent company from Aschheim near Munich, hardly any subsidiaries have gone bankrupt. The sales proceeds would benefit the creditors of Wirecard AG. Even the German Wirecard Bank has not been insolvent so far, the BaFin financial regulator has appointed a special representative there so that no money flows to Wirecard AG. “Payments to dealers and customers of Wirecard Bank are carried out without restrictions,” emphasized Jaffe.

“The primary goal in the preliminary insolvency proceedings is to stabilize the business operations of the group companies,” said the insolvency administrator. This applies to the processing of credit card payments – such as for Visa and Mastercard – and to all other, independent business areas. “To this end, intensive discussions are being held with customers, trading partners and the credit card organizations.” However, further bankruptcy applications cannot be ruled out.

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