Expect to see all games played in Canada this summer


The candidacy of the host cities for the return of hockey is much talked about. After all, the NHL has changed its mind about 1,456 times since the start of the process.

And I’m not saying to be cynical: it’s normal. Gary Bettman must dealer with a virus which it does not know the scope of and which evolves differently in each of its markets.

This is why the city of Vancouver, which had been chosen, was ultimately rejected.

But according to what is currently circulating, it is to be expected that two Canadian cities (Edmonton and Toronto, therefore) will be the big winners in order to be the host country for the return of hockey this summer.

It must be said that Canada has much better ways of controlling the virus than its neighbor to the south. To the States, it is difficult to stop the spread of the virus since many states are inactive.

And that can scare the NHL.

That’s why Vegas’s bid, once considered so strong, wouldn’t be as exceptional as it used to be.

So it’s still the official announcement, but that’s what’s going around a lot today.
Obviously, it is questionable why, under the circumstances, the cities were not announced. After all, it’s starting to be time right?
It is not so simple.

By midnight tonight, the NHL intends to organize to have a stimulus package ready for release. Why? Because tomorrow, July 1, the players’ contracts would have expired.

Could the NHL take the opportunity to advertise everything at once? We are talking here about the renewal of the agreement, the formalization of the recovery plan in connection with Phases 3 and 4 (including a date for the start of the camp), the two host cities, etc.

It might be the plan.

That’s why we have to expect the news we all are waiting for tonight.

Let’s not forget that everything can change quickly, but as Bob McKenzie said, big guys know that time is running out against them. A decision must be announced shortly to start the process.

A lot of

– Absolutely.

– I think so.

– Who would say yes?

– How many lives does he have?

– No season in baseball minors: it will hurt.

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