Dominique Leroy has concluded a criminal transaction of 107,000 euros with the prosecution


The former CEO of Proximus was prosecuted for insider trading.

VSwith a transfer of 107,000 euros, the maximum provided for by law and negotiated with the Brussels public prosecutor’s office, the former CEO of Proximus has chosen to end the criminal proceedings for insider trading hanging over her, report L’Echo and De Tijd Wednesday.

Dominique Leroy was appearing before the council chamber on Tuesday to propose a criminal transaction negotiated with the Brussels prosecution in his insider trading case. The president, Jean Coumans, however, did not approve the transaction, reserving his decision until July 15.

According to our information, Dominique Leroy will have to pay the maximum fine. This amounts to 80,000 euros. She will also have to pay the amount of her property benefits – just over 6,000 euros – multiplied by four, as well as pay the legal costs. For an approximate total of 107,000 euros.

Contacted by L’Echo, spokesman for the Brussels public prosecutor’s office, Denis Goeman “confirms the conclusion of a criminal transaction after an agreement was reached between Ms. Leroy and the public prosecutor’s office. It was submitted this Tuesday, June 30 to the council chamber for approval.

However, the magistrate “cannot confirm the amount of the transaction insofar as the role of the council chamber is to verify that this amount respects the legality well”, he continues. Also contacted, Dominique Leroy, did not respond. His lawyer, Jean-Pierre Buyle, for his part, did not wish to make any comments.

At the end of this transaction, Dominique Leroy therefore puts an end to this legal case which cost him his post as CEO at KPN which she was to join. She has not admitted guilt and her criminal record will remain blank. On the other hand, and in agreement with the FSMA, the stock market policeman, who was closely linked to trading, a transactional settlement was signed.

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