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A scene starring a dog street, in Mexico, has been causing a stir on social networks. It is a video in which a canine cries inconsolably when he sees his refuge reduced to ashes by a voracious fire that consumed 25 commercial premises and a car in the municipality of Tonalá, Jalisco.

According to information provided by the city’s State Civil Protection and Fire Unit, the establishments were occupied by indigenous citizens and carpenters who made a living by making and selling furniture.

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The fire that occurred in Patria y Libertad avenue, near the Central Camionera de Tlaquepaque, did not leave wounded or deceased, but did cause significant material losses, which were the livelihood of many homes.

Unfortunately, people were not the only ones affected, as a viralized clip on social networks shows a dog crying while looking at his destroyed home. Sinister. The dog moved Internet users, as he joined the firefighters in the search through the rubble of the place, while carrying a piece of burned wood in his mouth.

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Traders confirmed that the dog was ownerless, but remained on site and was fed by them. Now that he is homeless, Facebook users expect him to be adopted by someone so that he is not abandoned.

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