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Last minute Coronavirus United States | The pandemic of COVID-19 continues to expand around the world and the figures for infections and deaths in the country under the command of Donald Trump continue to increase.

Until this Thursday, May 21, the death toll from coronavirus it increased to 94,702 and the positive cases increased to 1,577,140, ​​according to official figures.

Infected: 1 577 140
Dead: 94,702
Recovered: 298,418
Infected: 5 101 967
Dead: 332,924
Recovered: 1 948 686

Latest Coronavirus News in the United States today May 21

21:46 Fauci instructs Americans to go outside with masks and social distance

The leading infectious disease expert in the United States, Dr. Anthony Fauci shared words of encouragement during a forum hosted by CNN, ahead of Memorial Day weekend.

“Get out, wear a mask, stay six feet away from anyone for physical distance, and get out. (…) As long as you are not in the crowd and you are not in a situation where you can physically transmit the virus, and that is what the mask is for, and that is with physical distance, “said Fauci.

21:14 USA reports 1,255 new deaths from COVID-19 in the last 24 hours

In the past 24 hours, the United States recorded 1,255 deaths from coronavirus, reaching a total of 94,661 since the start of the pandemic, according to the AFP agency.

20:40 Seven states register the greatest increase in COVID-19 infections in the last 14 days

Seven states of the American Union show the highest growth in the cases of the new coronavirus reported in the last 14 days, among other reasons, because they have increased their ability to test, according to The New York Times.

The states are Virginia (34,137 new cases), North Carolina (20,900), Minnesota (18,209), Alabama (13,288), Arkansas (5,458), North Dakota (2,229), and Maine (1,877).

20:20 About 39 million people have applied for unemployment benefits in the US.

Nearly 2.4 million new people have applied for the United States unemployment benefit, bringing the total number to nearly 39 million unemployed since the last nine weeks, despite the fact that the number of new unemployed has been decreasing , after reaching its peak in April.

19:45 Puerto Rico will resume its activities next week

Puerto Rico will begin the cautious reopening of its beaches, restaurants, churches, beauty salons and retail stores starting next week, using new and strict prevention measures, according to Governor Wanda Vázquez.

19:15 Increased evidence in New York indicates that low-income people are the most affected

In New York, according to the director of the centers where the COVID-19 tests are carried out, the figures indicate that, out of 8,000 tests carried out in recent days, poor areas have 10% more cases than higher-income areas .

Doctors working in Hispanic areas indicate that this incidence is due to other health problems, which would make them more vulnerable to the disease. Also, it would be a social problem, since these populations occupy very small spaces.

18:30 The Senate gets ready for a week off without voting for new economic relief

Even though the death toll from COVID-19 is approaching 100,000 and there are more than 30 million unemployed, the Senate will take a week-long break on Memorial Day without voting for new economic relief during the pandemic, as indicated by the AP agency.

17:45 Harvard studies in monkeys show first evidence of immunity to reinfection

Two studies in monkeys showed some of the first scientific evidence that surviving the coronavirus would develop immunity to possible reinfection, according to statements by Harvard researchers.

17:15 Donald Trump refuses to wear a mask in front of the cameras on a trip to the Ford factory

During a visit to the state of Michigan, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, refused to put face masks in front of the cameras, on his way to the Ford manufacturing plant. State authorities were displeased with the gesture, which they considered “transmitting the worst possible message.”

17:00 Trump announces new goal for the United States amid the pandemic

“Today I am declaring a simple but vital metal nationwide: The United States will become the best pharmacy and medical supplies company in the world,” said the American president.

4:45 pm Elizabeth Warren reiterates the importance of approving virtual voting

The North American senator considered that it is vital that the vote of all citizens be valid and, for this, it is necessary to implement a measure that allows this to happen. He stated that it is necessary to “protect democracy in times of crisis”.

16:30 Trump highlights the work of the Ford company in the construction of fans

“A month ago Ford had not built a single fan and is now a world leader. He adapted the designs of the company he had built to build a quality fan. And very soon it will create one for every minute, which is a great goal, “said the president.

16:15 Alabama registers 13,119 cases of coronavirus in all the territory

So far, the aforementioned state has reported 529 deaths from a universe of 172,934 people that have been evaluated. In addition, the authorities reported that the hospitalized patients number 1,538.

16:00 Journalists question Trump for not wearing face masks amid pandemic

“I did use one, I had a set before. But I didn’t want to give the press the pleasure of seeing it. I had one in the back area. I had a choice to make and decided not to use it, “said the president to these questions.

15:42 Almost 39 million people lose their job in the United States

On Thursday, May 21, the United States reached 38.6 million applications for unemployment benefits. This figure is the one accumulated since mid-March, when the coronavirus pandemic gained strength in the country. The Department of Labor also pointed out that another 2.43 million people took out unemployment insurance during the week of May 10 to 16.

15:19 WHO reveals new symptoms of coronavirus

The World Health Organization (WHO) included two new symptoms of coronavirus, through its website. According to the institution, the difficulty to speak and move are new symptoms that have been detected in relation to the disease. Other more common symptoms point to a sore throat, headache, fever, and tiredness.

15:00 Governor of New Jersey reports 98 new deaths from coronavirus

Phli Murphy shared the latest figures on the progress of COVID-19 in the aforementioned state on his social networks and reiterated that “no one should be seen as just another statistic.” So far, the deaths from this disease have already exceeded 10,000.

14:45 Baltimore Governor asks Trump to cancel his visit to the city he represents

Jack Young strongly asked the president to respect the order of social isolation that still prevails in this region. The local authority used their social networks to call for reflection and require that this visit be suspended.

14:30 Oxford Economics predicts Trump’s “historic defeat” due to coronavirus

According to this information, the current president of the United States would only obtain 35% of the popular vote, which would lead to his defeat. It should be noted that this electoral model has income, unemployment and inflation as variables.

14:20 Part of the Grand Canyon National Park will open on Memorial Day

The tourist destination located in Arizona will receive visitors from the region on a limited basis. This in order to preserve the safety of attendees and avoid contagion of coronavirus on this popular date. The opening date is next May 22 until the 25 of the same month.

2:00 PM California Roomkey Project makes a difference in Los Angeles

The California Governor’s office reported that homeless people and what to eat are being moved to hotels to protect themselves from the spread of the coronavirus.

13:45 Governor Larry Hogan presents digital platform to track cases of coronavirus

The highest authority of the state of Marylan explained that this initiative was possible thanks to the support of the Department of Health and the Department of Information of the region. Now, through ‘COVID Link’, it will facilitate the detection and monitoring of infected people.

13:30 Victoria’s Secret permanently closes 250 stores in the United States and Canada

The lingerie giant has taken the step of closing a quarter of its stores due to the losses registered during the coronavirus pandemic. At the moment, the company disseminates the purchase of its products through digital platforms.

13:15 Democrats ask Trump to lower the flag when coronavirus deaths reach 100,000

The United States Democratic Party made the request through a letter to the president. In this way, they hope to pay a heartfelt tribute to the fatal victims of the pandemic throughout the past few months.

13:00 WHO launches guide on coronavirus for children from 8 to 17 years old

The World Health Organization reiterated the importance of children understanding the seriousness of what is happening, but in a way that fills them with knowledge and not fear. Therefore, they published ‘COVID-19: How to protect others and myself’.

12:45 John Rarcliffe is confirmed as the new head of the Intelligence Committee

The politician loyal to Trump’s ideologies was chosen as the new director with a candidacy rejected by the Democratic majority. He will assume the position after Marco Rubio took him on an interim basis.

12:30 Vote by mail receives greater support as Trump opposes

The American president continues to show his rejection of this possibility as a prevention against coronavirus. At the moment, Republicans remain on the sidelines of a pronouncement, while Democrats are inclined in favor of this measure.

12:15 Donald Trump heads to Michigan to initiate dialogue about coronavirus

Through his Twitter account, the president reported that he boarded the transport that will take him to his destination at 12:20 (local time) of the day. “See you soon,” he wrote.

12:00 Charles Barkley Doesn’t Believe NCAA Volunteer Training Safe

This is not the first time that the former American basketball player has been against the possibility that the NCAA will resume its sports activities. The American believes that these are times when health care must prevail.

11:45 Donald Trump allocates more than $ 315 million to testing assistance in Michigan

The announcement came from the official Twitter account of the White House, where he stated that the money would be used so that the region could achieve its goals in the projection they had set.

11:30 Department of Labor indicates what to do in case of fraud

The federal body used its social networks to alert citizens to possible fraud in the midst of the pandemic the world is experiencing. For this reason, he recalled the lines and points of contact to report these actions.

11:15 Analysis reveals that retirement homes with black and Latino residents are more likely to get coronavirus

The New York Times study compares these households to those with predominantly white residents. The report was shared through the social networks of renowned journalist Mitch Smith.

11:00 Delta Airlines and JetBlue are criticized for mass layoffs

Companies earned themselves trillions of dollars to deal with the coronavirus. However, hours before receiving the money, they applied the person reduction. A move condemned by Democratic politicians like Elizabeth Warren.

10:45 Research claims that 36,000 lives would have been saved by applying measures a week earlier

According to data from the Johns Hopkins University, the deaths could have been prevented by establishing social distancing 7 days earlier than the government ordered.

10:30 Washington reports 327 new cases of coronavirus

The mayor of the district, Muriel Bowser, shared this May 21 the latest figures on the state of the pandemic in the region she represents. Thus, the total number of cases amounted to 7,788.

10:15 The United States exposes security measures for airlines

Masks during the entire flight time, enabling separate cabins in the event of a passenger presenting symptoms, restrictions on hand luggage and allocating more hygienic services during the trip are some of the actions that airlines will implement.

10:00 Maryland reports a total of 43,531 cases in the region

The Department of Health of the mentioned state indicated that the deaths amount to 2,045. While, since the last May 20, the number of infected people increased by 1,208.

9:45 am FEMA Releases Guide to Managing Hurricane Season Amid Pandemic

Through its social networks, the Federal Emergency Management Agency reiterated the importance of having a plan to deal with these situations. “This will not prevent disasters from happening, but it will prepare us for when they happen,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

9:30 AM HHS earmarks $ 225 million for coronavirus testing in rural areas

The goal of the United States Department of Health and Human Services is to repower the reach of medical centers in these regions and, in this way, help citizens to resume their activities.

9:15 Donald Trump announces meeting with African-American Detroit leaders

Following protests across Michigan, the US president agreed to take part in this talk to address the issue of how minorities can recover from the effects of the pandemic.

9:00 CDC affirms that all newborns of mothers with COVID-19 must be tested

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention added that this measure also applies to unconfirmed cases, but that they are suspicious.

8:45 About 2.4 million people applied for unemployment benefits

This is the ninth week in a row that millions of Americans are clamoring for unemployment benefits. It should be noted that, since mid-March, 38.6 million people have filled out this application.

8:30 NYPD investigates 16 possible hate crimes related to COVID-19

Authorities revealed that the majority of these cases involved Asians. In addition, the State Commissioner revealed that he has received more than 300 complaints about harassment and discrimination.

8:15 Federal Reserve invites citizens to share the effects of the coronavirus on their lives

The ‘Fed Listen’ program is an initiative of this entity to guarantee that people share their doubts, difficulties and effects that this situation has had on their community life. The event will take place virtually and will start at 2:30 p.m. m. (local time).

8:00 Macy’s stores experiences heavy losses due to health emergency

The company admitted having lost a lot of revenue since February and revealed that, for May, they forecast that this will amount to $ 1.1 trillion. In addition, the company blames the measures imposed by the Government.

7:45 WHO and UNHCR team up to support refugees during coronavirus pandemic

Through health services and strategic alliances, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) joined forces to keep more than 70 million safe from COVID-19. refugees.

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