Coronavirus: the assessment starts again on the rise in the USA with more than 1,000 deaths in 24 hours


With an additional 1,199 deaths from the new coronavirus in 24 hours, the daily death toll in the United States started to rise again at 8:30 p.m. local time, according to a count by Johns Hopkins University, which refers.

The number of daily deaths had not exceeded the 1,000 mark since June 10. This brings the American balance sheet of the pandemic to 127,322 dead, making the United States the most mourning country in the world in absolute terms. The country also has 42,528 new daily Covid-19 infections.

Due to the increase in contamination and deaths, particularly in the south and west of the country, some American states have had to pause the deconfinement process.

On Tuesday, Texas broke its daily record and reported 6,975 new cases of Covid-19. In total since the start of the pandemic, the Texas authorities have reported 159,986 cases and 2,424 deaths. As of Tuesday, more than 6,500 patients who tested positive for Covid-19 were hospitalized in Texas.

In California, more than a thousand inmates have tested positive for the coronavirus in the state’s oldest prison, San Quentin, according to local authorities.

“It is obvious that we do not have total control at the moment,” said Dr Anthony Fauci, a member of the presidential coronavirus crisis unit. “I would not be surprised if we reached 100,000 a day if we do not reverse the trend,” he added during his hearing before senators.

Like other senior US health officials, Dr. Fauci called on Americans, especially young people, to cover their faces and avoid the crowds in order to stem the pandemic.

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