Coronavirus out of control: USA fears 100,000 new cases a day


Numerous US states are tightening their corona measures and easing is being postponed. The virus is spreading nationwide – and experts warn that the number of new infections will continue to increase massively. This also has consequences for the national holiday on July 4th.
Given the rapid growth in new coronavirus infections in the southern United States, one of the country’s leading health experts has warned of an escalation of the pandemic. If the increase in the affected states could not be controlled, up to 100,000 new infections per day could soon be imagined nationwide, warned the immunologist Anthony Fauci at a hearing in the Senate. Several U.S. states have braked for developments in easing virus containment measures. In the United States, the number of new infections is currently around 40,000 per day – more than on most days of the pandemic’s heyday in April. In the meantime, more is being tested, but many cities are registering more hospital admissions. A total of almost 2.6 million infections and 126,000 deaths were recorded.

“I’m very concerned,” said Fauci, who is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease. “We are moving in the wrong direction.” The pandemic can currently only be contained if people consistently wear masks in public and pay attention to their safety distance. If people don’t stick to it, “we’ll continue to have big problems,” Fauci warned.

In Texas, Florida, California, and Arizona, local governments are trying to counter development, pausing or reversing the phasing out of corona requirements. Arizona’s governor Douglas Ducey initially limited the number of participants in events to 50 until the end of July – and only one week after the appearance of US President Donald Trump with numerous spectators. “We expect our numbers to deteriorate,” the governor said, according to US media. There are around 75,000 confirmed coronavirus infections in the state, which has a population of over seven million.

“Who has concerns …”

In Southern California, the beaches will remain closed on the upcoming holiday weekend in the Los Angeles district. Bicycle paths, parking lots and piers are also not accessible from Friday to Monday, the district said on Monday evening. The traditional fireworks for the national holiday (July 4th) were also canceled. Governor Gavin Newsom ordered parts of the state to close bars again on Sunday. The decree applies to seven districts, including the metropolis of Los Angeles. California had adopted corona restrictions as a precaution very early on, but was slowly loosening them recently. Newsom had ordered a mask requirement for the west coast state with almost 40 million inhabitants in mid-June.

Even in parts of Florida, the beaches should remain closed. In the city of Jacksonville, where US President Trump is to be chosen as the Republican presidential candidate in August as part of the party convention, masks are now to be worn in public buildings where distance requirements cannot be met.

Trump’s Republicans had partially moved their party convention to Florida because of too strict corona requirements in North Carolina. The state of Nevada postponed the next stage of its easing until the end of July. Governor Steve Sisolak appealed to citizens to continue wearing a mask in public and to adhere to the recommended safety distance. The state of New Jersey postponed Thursday’s permission for restaurants to host guests in closed rooms again.

A bar closure was recently ordered in Texas. By contrast, there were completely different signals from the state of South Dakota. There will be celebrations for the national holiday on Friday at the famous monument of Mount Rushmore in the presence of Trump. Governor Kristi Noem called on people to come. “We told people who are concerned that they can stay at home,” said the Republican to Trump-related Fox News. Facial masks, which could optionally be worn, are to be issued to the participants. “But we won’t maintain social distance,” said Noem. People should come to celebrate, “to enjoy the freedoms we have in this country”.

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