Coronavirus in Spain: a “punch” advertising spot to raise awareness of health risks


“A simple family reunion can give you a gift of 40 days in a coma or even death” concludes the spot.

Lhe advertising spot was broadcast in the Canaries to encourage compliance with barrier gestures and protective measures.

Entitled “the ultimate gift”, the advertising spot lasts 18 seconds, and the initiative was greeted by many Spanish viewers and Internet users, reports RTBF.

The commercial introduces a family that comes together for Grandpa’s birthday. Some family members do not wear their masks properly, others ignore the mask. Kisses are exchanged, and glasses are shared.

An anniversary that turns into a drama

When opening the presents, the grandfather receives an oxygen mask, and the festive music gives way to the sound signal of an artificial respirator. We find the grandfather in a hospital bed.

A message in Spanish then appears: “A simple family reunion can bring you a gift: 40 days of coma and even death. Take advantage of his family, respecting barrier gestures, against the Covid-19. Always. ”

The government of the Canaries explains that “with this initiative, the ministry seeks to highlight the health risks linked to non-compliance with health instructions during family reunions,” reports RTVE.

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