Coronavirus – GLOBAL REPORT: France makes it mandatory to wear a mask, India reconfigures


New assessments, new measures, highlights: an update on the latest developments in the Covid-19 pandemic around the world.

Over 574,000 dead

The pandemic has killed at least 574,278 people worldwide for more than 13 million confirmed cases, according to a report established by AFP from official sources Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. GMT.

The United States is the most affected country, with nearly 136,113 deaths. Follow Brazil with 72,833 deaths, the United Kingdom (44,968), Mexico (35,491) and Italy (34,984).

Reconfinements in India

In India, the state of Bihar (north) reconfigures from July 16 its 125 million inhabitants while in the south, the 13 million inhabitants of Bangalore and its region are again confined since Tuesday.

After a brutal national confinement at the end of March and then a lifting of the measure at the beginning of June, reconfigurations at the local or regional level are increasing in India in an attempt to contain a rapidly growing epidemic.

The second most populous nation on the planet today officially has 23,727 Covid-related deaths for 906,752 reported cases.

Intrauterine contamination

French doctors have reported the first confirmed case of intrauterine contamination with Covid-19, according to a study published in the journal Nature.

Previous studies have suggested the possibility of mother-to-child transmission before birth. But this study is the first to provide evidence of such transmission, according to Dr. Daniele De Luca of the Antoine Beclere de Clamart hospital, lead author of the study.

France: mask soon mandatory

France should make it compulsory to wear a mask in closed public places, in the face of signs of a restart of the epidemic in the country. “I want us to make the mask mandatory in all closed public places”, said French President Emmanuel Macron, referring to the date of August 1 for the implementation of the measure.

Milan: virtual fashion week

Milan kicked off its first virtual fashion week with coronavirus. After London and Paris, Milan Fashion Week presents most of the meetings of the major Italian houses in the form of a video link accessible via the Internet.

New York: reinforced quarantines

In response to the spread of the epidemic in the United States, the Governor of the State of New York has strengthened quarantine measures for visitors to other American states.

The list of states whose visitors are forced to isolate themselves for 14 days upon arrival at a New York airport now include 22 states, representing half the American population.

Brazil: 2021 carnival threatened

The big samba schools threaten not to participate in the Rio de Janeiro carnival in February 2021 unless a vaccine against Covid-19 is then available.

The mayor of Salvador de Bahia (northeast), a city where an important carnival is also taking place, has proposed postponing carnivals all over the country in April or June.> – Angola: killed because of confinement –

A man was killed in the capital Luanda by the police responsible for enforcing the curfew, officially bringing to eight the number of people killed in the confinement, in force since the end of March, in this southern African country.

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