Coronavirus Germany: First federal state is now thinking out loud about stadium regulation


The corona lockdown in Gutersloh was overturned on Monday with an urgent decision. A first federal state is now surprising with a new stadium regulation.

  • The Coronavirus * lockdown in the Gutersloh district was closed on Monday.
  • May the tilted lockdown make future restrictions more complicated? SPD health politician Karl Lauterbach expressed himself in the “ntv early start” (see first report).
  • However, it surprises with considerations about a new stadia regulation (update, July 7, 3:27 pm).
  • Here you will find the basic facts about the corona virus * and a map with the current number of cases in Germany *.

Update from July 8, 9.27 a.m .: In a circle Gutersloh in North Rhine-Westphalia is the number of Corona new infections per 100,000 population further decreased. The so-called seven-day trend is currently 28.6, well below the critical mark of 50. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reports.

On the previous day, this infection indicator was still 35.4. To the climax of the Corona Outbreak at the Tonnies meat company in Rheda-Wiedenbruck, the figure was 270.2.

Almost 400 new infections were reported across Germany on Wednesday. With 397 new cases, the total number increases to 197,341 Coronavirus infections. 9036 people have died as a result of a coronavirus infection.

Corona virus in Germany: NRW is moving – no major events until the end of October

Despite the good developments in Crown-Hotspot Gutersloh has banned North Rhine-Westphalia for certain Major events extended until at least October 31. The new Corona Protection Ordinance, which was published on Tuesday evening, specifically mentions folk festivals, city, village and street festivals, marksmen’s festivals and wine festivals as “large festive events”. Other events with more than 100 people can be allowed with certain hygiene and distance requirements.

The federal and state governments had already agreed in mid-June to extend the ban. With the new regulation it is in North Rhine-Westphalia now final.

Corona in Germany: First federal state is now thinking out loud about stadium regulation

Update from July 7, 3:55 p.m .: The state government in Brandenburg has the ban on Major events with more than 1000 participants extended until the end of October. As announced by the State Chancellery, the cabinet agreed on Tuesday.

Update from July 7, 3:27 p.m .: A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Social Affairs denied “Focus” that spectators were actually allowed to return to Saxon stadiums at the start of the new Bundesliga season (we reported, see update from July 7, 2:05 pm).

So far, this has only been the case theoretical considerations, there is therefore no final decision yet. Regarding Major events in general there are no decisions yet. The spokeswoman also said that with the decision to allow spectators to watch Bundesliga matches, the approval of the other federal states was necessary.

Corona in Germany: Federal state outraged by considering the stadia regulation – and promptly backs off

Update from July 7, 2:25 p.m .: In North Rhine-Westphalia Around 500 people have to be quarantined, as reported by There was a complete family of twelve in Euskirchen with the Coronavirus infected. The district health office has therefore ordered quarantine for around 500 members of a free church. According to a government spokesman, all members of a Protestant free church belonging to the family are affected. A school belonging to the church and a prayer house were also closed.

Coronavirus: Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania relaxes contact restrictions

After the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the Gutersloh district fell significantly below the limit of 50, tourists from this district are allowed to go back without any restrictions Mecklenburg-West Pomerania come. This emerges from the daily report of the State Office for Health and Social Affairs (Lagus), which was published on Tuesday.

In Mecklenburg-West Pomerania From Friday onwards, however, people can meet again without strict contact restrictions. There are higher numbers of participants for events, and for the first time since March, bus tour groups are allowed to return to the country. This was announced by Interior Minister Lorenz Caffier (CDU) in Schwerin on Tuesday.

Update from July 7, 2:05 p.m .: While the corona lockdown was tilted in Gutersloh, steps are underway Saxony further ahead with loosening *. As reported by “Focus”, spectators will be allowed to enter football stadiums again from September. Minister of Health said Petra Kopping With. From September 1st, more than 1,000 spectators will be able to attend major events. That is also possible for the Bundesliga. Nevertheless, conditions should continue to apply. Kopping emphasized that “if the contacts are traceable, there are still no full stadiums, but more than 1,000 spectators are possible.”

Corona in Germany: Court tilts Gutersloh lockdown

First report from July 7th, 1:46 pm:

Munich – The Coronavirus * outbreak surrounding the Tonnies slaughterhouse in Rheda-Wiedenbruck had some consequences. Especially that Gutersloh district had hit it hard with another lockdown.

Corona virus in Germany: Corona lockdown tilted in the Gutersloh district

It came in on Monday Gutersloh then to a turn. The North Rhine-Westphalian Higher Administrative Court in Munster ruled out the corona lockdown in Gutersloh district on Monday by urgent decision. A lockdown for the whole circle is no longer proportionate, as the court announced on Monday. The decision is final.

The continuation of the restrictions on public life in the entire district of Gutersloh was probably illegal after the examination, the court found. It was “possible and necessary” to adopt a “more differentiated regulation”.

Coronavirus in Germany: Quarantine measures limited to workers at the Tonnies factory

Nor should there be any new measures for individual communities in the Gutersloh district. “Obviously, the virus has not spread significantly among the population of the Gutersloh district,” explained the Ministry of Health of North Rhine-Westphalia on Monday evening in Dusseldorf. The restrictions would now be entirely limited to the quarantine measures already imposed on infected employees of the Tonnies factory * and, if necessary, to their families.

Corona Virus: Does Tilted Lockdown Complicate Future Restrictions?

That the tilted coronavirus * lockdown in Gutersloh district might complicate future restrictions, believes SPD health politician Karl Lauterbach Not. Even after the court decision, he expects similar local lockdowns as he did in the “ntv early start”.

“The rule is not off the table. The rule has not been fundamentally questioned, ”he said regarding the mechanism agreed by the federal and state governments to introduce lockdowns if there were more than 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in a district within seven days.

“I believe,” continued Lauterbach, “that this court decision […]that has existed here, must not be overestimated ”. Meanwhile, the “New York Times” accuses WHO and RKI of missing an important corona discovery. (dpa / mbr) * is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network

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