Bavaria Weather: Next crash warning of storms


The weather in Bavaria is only briefly summery this week – instead, the German Weather Service warns of several parts of the Free State of severe weather. All developments in the ticker.

  • The weather in Bavaria is currently rather changeable.
  • He speaks for large parts in the Free State German Weather service Warnings out.
  • Already at the weekend there was a huge crash in some places. A harbinger of an uncomfortable summer?

Weather in Bavaria: The first days of July are changeable

Update, June 30, 10:08 a.m .:After a rainy start to the week, the people of Bavaria can safely leave their umbrellas at home on Tuesday. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), it stays dry at temperatures up to 20 degrees in the eastern low mountain ranges and 27 degrees in the Chiemgau. While people in the south of the Free State can look forward to more sun, clouds predominate in the north. At night the meteorologists in Franconia expect some rain.

Wednesday will be often sunny, only in the north of the Free State and in the Alps it will remain cloudy. The DWD expects showers in the Alps, some of them strong thunderstormwho arrive in Swabia and Lower Franconia in the course of the afternoon. The maximum values ​​reach between 24 and 30 degrees.

Bavaria weather: June 2020 rainy

Update from 7:07 p.m .: There is a suitable one in Bavaria Completion for June 2020who was as rainy in the Free State as it has been in 30 years. The southernmost state was the one with the lowest temperatures and the least sunshine. An average of 15.8 degrees was measured, the sun just shone like 190 hours* describes. In addition, around 150 liters of rain fell per square meter, and snow on the mountains.

Weather forecast for Bavaria: Expert explains the dormitory time

And it could stay that way until mid-August. Andreas Friedrich, spokesman for the German Meteorological Service: “Between June 27th and July 8th is the dormouse time.” 60 to 70 percent is in these days Trend for the period up to mid-August ascertain. According to the forecast, the weather is likely to remain this way: “Short heat phases, which are ended by a cold front that is accompanied by thunderstorms,” ​​the expert continues. So a summer of thunder? Friedrich: “Such summers are quite normal for Central Europe, only we are no longer used to them because of the past two record-breaking heat and drought.

Update from 6.50 p.m.: There was a severe storm on Lake Chiemsee yesterday, the fire brigade deployed 160 times. The rain was also a challenge for the drivers. A driver was particularly brave, like one Facebook post shows. The video was created in Prien am Chiemsee. “Let’s call it ‘brave’,” write the OVB home newspapers that shared the post.

Storm chaos in Bavaria! DWD warns of a striking change in the weather and a sudden drop in temperature

First registration from June 29, 9.26 a.m.

Munich – In the free State the new week starts mostly rainy – instead sunshine and more summery Temperatures it stays gray and cool. Occasionally, Monday (June 29th) joined Thunderstorms began. The German Weather Service (DWD) says especially for the south Bavaria Farther continuous rain ahead.

In Upper Bavaria warns DWD also before “striking weather *” – the Warnings apply from Munich * to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Also in the room Passau it could be uncomfortable.

Storm chaos in Bavaria! DWD warns of a striking change in the weather

Already on Sunday (June 28th) the summer first adopted again. In some parts Bavaria it came to serious Storms *. In the district Traunstein recorded the fire Department a total of 160 Calls. From Sunday evening there were emergency calls for a full basement, trees fell on the street and underpasses were full. According to initial knowledge, no one was injured.

They had to move out again and again Fire departments around the Chiemsee on Sunday evening. There were almost 100 missions in the region. On the train route between Rosenheim and Salzburg because of a tree in the track, the section between Bad Endorf and Prien am Chiemsee was also closed. No train traffic was possible on late Sunday evening.

The thunderstorms of the weekend are just over and the next storm is imminent. Heavy rain, gusts of wind and hail are forecast for Wednesday.

Weather in Bavaria: Week starts rainy in the Free State – temperatures drop

With the rainy Beginning of the week now fall in Bavaria * Temperatures. In the night of Tuesday (June 30th) the values ​​should drop to 14 to 18 degrees. A violent one Drop in temperature.

In the course of Tuesday, however, especially in the south Sun show the Maximum values are then again between 20 and 26 degrees. (nema) * and are part of the Ippen-Digital network.

Beginning of summer in the Free State: Read all previous weather developments in Bavaria * here.

Outside of Bavaria, the German Weather Service (DWD) warns for numerous areas. After the weekend’s floods, thunderstorms and heavy rain are now expected – all developments can be read in the weather ticker for Germany.

List of rubric lists: © picture alliance / dpa / Karl-Josef Hildenbrand

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