Another Zurich club affected – Corona case also in the plaza


In the evening of June 26, an infected person celebrated in Zurich’s Club Plaza. The partygoers have now received a warning email from the cantonal doctor.

Coveted Plaza: That was the line in front of the club on June 27, the evening after the Corona Fall.

Photo: Thomas Hasler

The party last Friday was called “Place to be”. A guest who is ill with Covid-19 also took part in the Zurich Club Plaza in District 4. Several readers reported “20 minutes”, After the party, they received an SMS from the cantonal doctor asking them to check the emails.

The cantonal medical service wrote: «In the night from June 26, 2020 to June 27, 2020, you may have had contact with a person suffering from Covid-19. It cannot be ruled out that they were exposed to the new corona virus and infected. »

Call a doctor if symptoms occur

The affected guests do not have to be in quarantine for the time being, but should avoid crowds of people or visits to the disco and bar until July 7th. If symptoms occur, they should do the coronavirus check on the BAG website or call a doctor. A reader who was in the club with friends said to «20 Minuten»: «I have to wait five days before I go back to work.» So far, she has had no symptoms, but a friend from the group has. You will now be tested.

The plaza confirms the alarm. They learned of the Corona case on Tuesday and immediately sent the guest list to the health department. The quality of the data is good. “We checked the ID and the email address had to be confirmed,” says Plaza Managing Director Chris Angst. So far it is not known that guests have been infected.

636 people in quarantine

The first “Superspreader Event” of the Canton of Zurich was announced last Saturday. An infected man, who infected five more, celebrated at Club Flamingo on June 21. 300 people are in quarantine. Some of the men had been to the Tesla bar in Spreitenbach the day before, where more than 20 people were infected. 100 people are in quarantine, the majority of them in the canton of Zurich.

On Tuesday evening, the Zurich Health Directorate reported that 636 people are currently in quarantine and 92 people are in isolation (Read more here).


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