Alex Rins expects to suffer for his return to the track


Álex Rins returns to the track with very modest ambitions, aware that he will have to deal with the pain after his shoulder injury.

A dislocation and a small fracture of the shoulder had ruled out Álex Rins of the first race of the season, last weekend, the very strong pain he was feeling was incompatible with his return to the saddle despite his initial goodwill. After a few days of treatment and rest, he is back, authorized by the doctors to take to the track tomorrow morning for the first free practice, and he does not hide his relief.

“I’m very happy to be sitting here, because on Saturday I really had a bad fall, the kind of falls you don’t want to have”, he told in a press conference. “I lost the lead on entering Turn 11, very early on. To avoid Jack [Miller], which was on the ground because he too had fallen, I tried to retrieve the front wheel but I got into the gravel very quickly. Here the gravel is very deep and as soon as I got there I lost the rear. I jumped off the bike, hit the gravel with my shoulder and it immediately came out and a small piece broke. “

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Brushing aside the hypothesis that this fall could have stemmed from a long break between the last Grand Prix of 2019 and the first of 2020, the Suzuki rider instead believes that the circumstances did not help him: “Can we have fallen because it’s been a long time since we rode? I don’t think so. I think all riders try to find the limits of motorcycles, and sometimes you can lose the forward and fall or catch up with the wheel. In my case, I was unlucky because Jack was on the ground and to avoid him I held the bike. Otherwise, if he hadn’t been there, j ‘would have let go of the bike, I would have hit the gravel and maybe nothing would have happened. “

“In view of FP4 in particular, where I had a very good time and posted a very good race pace, after my crash I said to Davide [Brivio] : ‘Let’s get the bike ready because I’m going to race’, but the next day I was in bed, I was in great pain “, he continues. “Watching the race from the pit, with my team and my bike, it was strange. […] If I could have been there, I don’t know… I would of course have liked to be there, but we’ll see in this race. “

No question of aiming for victory

Since then, Rins has remained in Jerez, where he followed a specially adapted treatment program, in the hope of being put back on his feet to compete in this second Grand Prix. However, his injury has not healed and he expects to suffer.

“I did everything I could to recover, for example putting cold on my shoulder or using an Indiba machine [traitement par radiofréquence, ndlr]. I did about two hours a day here in Jerez, where there is a machine. It was a pretty good way to reduce the inflammation. After those two hours a day, I felt pretty good, getting better and better, and other than that I did massages, of course. We are looking for the best things to recover. “

“There was a lot of edema on the bone and that’s what hurt the most. This morning I had an MRI at the hospital in Jerez and the result was quite positive thanks to all this work “, welcomes the Spanish pilot, who received the green light from the doctors at midday.

“I think the goal this weekend will be to try to race in FP1 to see how I feel and how it goes. The good thing is that the settings are already ready since I drove last week. […] We’ll see how I feel tomorrow when I’m on the bike. If I’m in a lot of pain and think it’s not safe for me to run, I’ll stop. “

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Despite his comeback and the potential he showed this winter, the Suzuki rider takes the pressure off and assures him: he will not be there to play for victory on Sunday. “It will be a tough weekend. It will all depend on how I feel tomorrow. It’s been better day by day, but we’ll have to see how it will be when I get on the bike. Frankly, I won’t be ready to win. the race, because it will hurt, but I’ll see if I can get into the points, which would be very positive. “

“I’m embarrassed [par mon épaule], it is normal, and it is the case just there, while speaking. My shoulder came out of its place and all the ligaments were twisted, and I even had a small fracture “, he recalls. “I’m glad I passed the check successfully, I have mobility and strength, but I’m going to see how I feel on the bike on Friday and what the feelings are. I take it for granted that I’m going to suffer . “

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