Accused of diverting Ikea furniture and then reselling it, a couple from Montpellier arrested


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A couple from Montpellier was referred this Friday July 10 for breach of trust and concealment. They are accused of having sold new and packaged furniture of the Ikea brand via Snapchat.

After months of investigation, the couple from Montpellier were referred and presented to a judge for breach of trust and concealment.

It all starts from a strange merry-go-round observed by a manager of the Ikea furniture brand in Montpellier last December. Very quickly, a complaint was lodged with the central police station after the latter noted that individuals were publishing classified advertisements for the sale of products of the famous yellow and blue brand still wrapped and visibly new. The good deals were disseminated via the social network Snapchat.

According to our colleagues from Midi Libre, observation of these profiles revealed that the confinement had put a stop to this traffic before resuming traffic restrictions at the end.

The work of the investigators made it possible to identify suspects, namely a couple from Montpellier. Already well known to the police, this professional delivery man had put together a very effective ploy. At the time of the facts, he worked for a subcontracting company of Ikea, he claimed at the time of delivery that the products ordered were damaged. Thus, he put them aside for his profit to resell them to individuals, delivered by hand to Monpellier. The customer then made a good faith complaint to the parent company, which again delivered the ordered lot to him, without asking any questions.

A seized firearm

This Thursday, July 9, the duo was unmasked and placed in police custody. They, according to the investigators, acknowledged the facts by explaining that the objects were well degraded. Which was clearly not the case. In a box belonging to the couple, a hundred articles were seized. The damage is being assessed by Ikea, but the respondents have admitted having drawn € 10,000 in profit since the start of their traffic.

Both were referred this Friday, July 10 for immediate appearance on Monday, for breach of trust, concealment but also carrying a prohibited weapon for the delivery man. Indeed, during a search, a charged 357 magnum was discovered in a bag belonging to it. He admitted that it belonged to him but refused to say more about its origin.

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