a town in the north of the country makes it mandatory to wear a mask in supermarkets … before the decision is overturned


Home Affairs Minister Pieter De Crem (CD&V) is however of the opinion that this is not the aim of the ministerial decree in this regard.

“We fear a second wave of infections and we wish to be armed,” said the mayor of Deinze. The obligation to wear a mask concerns all customers over 12 years of age. In all, 17 shops in the town are affected. “If we ask people to wear a mask in supermarkets, it is ultimately a small effort to protect each other, as well as the employees,” observes the mayor.

Free masks

A distribution of free masks for residents of the municipality was organized. “Of all the cities in Belgium, we have seen relatively fewer infections,” said Vermeulen.

He hopes that the federal government will follow his example, “but above all that the mayors can do their work in their commune. These masks are useful, we have known since then, “added the elected official.

An “inappropriate” decision

Minister De Crem had previously indicated in several media on Tuesday that he was not enthusiastic about the initiative of the Flemish municipality. It refers to the ministerial decree which strongly recommends the wearing of the mask but does not make it compulsory. “These rules apply everywhere as well as in Deinze,” he said.

The interim governor of East Flanders, Didier Detollenaere, has finally canceled the mayor’s decree obliging the inhabitants of Deinze to wear masks in supermarkets and mini-markets. Detollenaere said the decision of the mayor of Deinze is “not timely” and that the decision of the mayor will be overturned.

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