a nightclub customer tested …


A client of an Olten (SO) nightclub tested positive for the new Coronavirus, the establishment announced on Tuesday evening on Facebook. The restaurant-bar-disco asks all those who were on its premises on June 27 to quarantine themselves.

The officials of the Terminus Club declare that they want to give the list of people present that evening to the authorities. They promise more information on Wednesday.

300 quarantined people in Zurich

A few days ago, the Zurich authorities ordered the quarantine of 300 people, who had been in contact with a super-propagator of the virus in a Zurich nightclub on June 21. He had tested positive four days later. Five club visitors were infected.

In Spreitenbach (AG), more than twenty people were infected in a bar. The contaminations most certainly have a link with the Zurich club, according to the Aargau authorities. Analysis of the chains of infection showed that nine of the people infected in the Zurich club live in the canton of Aargau.

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