A new apartment costs Austrians an average of ten annual salaries


Austria is already in third place in the purchase prices for condominiums. The most expensive cities are Paris, London – and Munich.

For a new 70 square meter apartment
the Austrians on average around ten gross annual salaries
scroll down. The average price per square meter is included
Initial occupancy at 4,176 euros, a study by
Consulting firm Deloitte. With the information from last year, this is
not directly comparable, the data provider was changed,
you now have more accurate data.

Anyway, the affordability of condos is in
Austria fell and the purchase prices on the domestic housing market
noticeably increased. Paris is particularly expensive,
Luxembourg and Munich are at the top in Europe.
Internationally, rental properties in Vienna are relatively affordable –
in Luxembourg, Paris and London it rents significantly more expensive,
Deloitte said on Friday.

Austria is in the purchase price for condominiums in
European country comparison in third place – in Vienna are in
Average pay 4,868 per square meter. In relation to
Average gross annual salary costs apartments in the Czech Republic
the most. Paris remained the most expensive place with 12,863 euros
per square meter, followed by Luxembourg with 9,565 euros, Munich with
8,250 euros and London at 7,699 euros per square meter. In almost all of them
analyzed countries, house prices are in the
Metropolitan areas well above the national average.

Rent in Paris costs three times that of Vienna

When it comes to rents, Vienna, with moderate prices, is a good one
affordable city, Deloitte states. Here are for the
To shell out on average 9.90 euros per month – in
Luxembourg is 30.70 euros and in Paris 28.30 euros each
Square meters and month.

How the Corona Virus Crisis Affects Domestic in the Long Term
The consultant does not yet dare to affect rental prices
to estimate. It should be expected that numerous apartments,
which was still rented out to tourists via the online platforms before the crisis
had been rented out regularly in the long term. That would
then further increase the price pressure, it is said.

According to Deloitte, the Covid 19 crisis will affect purchase prices
hardly affect. In the last recession, the decline in
Construction activity along with low financing costs and
subsequent economic upswing, housing prices across the board
Driving Europe up – that’s different now: the project developers
be better prepared for complications. Despite delays
With building permits, there should be no significant failure of the
Construction activity is expected.

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