a case of Covid-19 at the Belharra clinic provoked a vast screening campaign


A vast screening campaign ends at the Belharra clinic (Ramsay Santé group) in Bayonne.

It followed the crisis cell organized on Monday July 6 by Richard Legeaye. That day, the warden informed the staff of the consequences of detecting a Covid-19 case in the clinic.

He immediately wanted “raise the level of alertness within the establishment “and” map the possible circulation of the virus within [nos] teams. “

Biologists on deck

“To date, we have carried out nearly 400 PCR tests since Monday, says the director. They are all negative. This is therefore an external case. Anyone can contract the virus while shopping, for example. We reacted immediately. Our laboratory was put to work, the biologists invested a lot. ”

Beyond the analyzes, the staff were also invited to download the Stop Covid app, to refine the results.

“And in the end, there is no problem,” continues Richard Legeaye. The observation is simple: “It is essential to continue to respect barrier gestures. Relaxation is understandable, in a region where the virus circulates little. But beware, the crossings of populations are increased with the holidays. “

A protocol to respect

However, Belharra staff can breathe: their surgeon colleague, tested positive, has not transmitted the virus within the clinic, where crisis protocols remain scrupulously applied … and increased since July 6.

In recent days, employees of the establishment were indeed invited to take their temperature twice a day, when taking up the post and at the end of the day. And of course, to respect barrier gestures with the same application, “especially during meals and breaks”.

Although the carers of minor patients and palliative care patients were still admitted, as well as the dads in the maternity ward, Belharra however limited the possibilities of accompaniment during this particular week.

As for the visits, “they never reopened,” recalls Richard Legeaye. “The general idea is not to overload the waiting rooms […], he adds.

This series of tests had no consequence on our functioning.“The situation would however have aroused a certain stir – quite understandable – within the establishment. It should be recalled that to date, no hospitalization linked to the virus has been recorded in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques.

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