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Due to the rapid spread of the new coronavirus, governments around the world were forced to declare the mandatory isolation and the curfew, so that the classes of the colleges and universities were suspended until further notice.

Next, review the possible dates on which the face-to-face classes will resume and the virtual ones will end in some Latin American countries such as Ecuador, Argentina and Chile.

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Back to school in Argentina

Although there is still no official announcement, recently the Argentine Minister of Education, Nicolás Trotta, revealed that it is very difficult for classroom classes return to normal in the coming weeks.

What is likely, according to Trotta, is that this may happen after the June break. “It is an alternative, but we don’t know. It is not an educational but an epidemiological, sanitary decision. We have to go through the winter, see how it affects us, the level of contagion … “, he explained.

Argentina’s Minister of Education provided details on the start of face-to-face classes at the national level. Credits: Infobae.

He added that the classes will only return once the health experts consider that there are no risks for the population.

Back to school in Ecuador

According to the provisions of the Emergency Operations Committee (COE) of Ecuador, classes will resume on May 4; however, it will not necessarily be face-to-face.

For her part, the Minister of Education, Monserrat Creamer, indicated that until now classes have been suspended nationwide, so that as of May 4 these could be virtual until the spread of the new coronavirus is controlled.

Back to school in Colombia

Before him mandatory isolation Through COVID-19, the Colombian schools have accepted the Government’s measures, so the students will continue with their virtual classes or they will take a mandatory vacation break.

In the case of Bogotá, the Ministry of Education authorized colleges and universities to continue education from home between March 16 and April 19, through the educational program ‘Edu-Acción’. However, the Ministry of Education ordered that classes of this type continue until May 30.

Back to school in Chile

Initially, the Chilean Executive stipulated that the students would return to face-to-face classes on Monday, April 17. However, the Minister of Education, Raúl Figueroa, mentioned: “I make a call not to generate confusion in the citizenry. It will be informed in due course when the face-to-face return to classes will take place and it is highly unlikely that the return will be on that date ”.

In this sense, Figueroa explained to the Cooperativa newspaper that the Government is betting on a “gradual” return to the face-to-face classes, to the extent that COVID-19 is fought. Therefore, he indicated that the return date is linked to the health reality.

Back to school in Mexico

In order that the students do not neglect their education, Mexico enabled the program ‘Learn at home’, which will be broadcast on radio and television and the Internet from the Monday, April 20. Thus, from this date Mexicans will continue with their virtual classes.

According to the Ministry of Public Education, face-to-face classes would resume next May 18 in the 900 municipalities where low contagion rates have been registered for COVID-19. On the other hand, in municipalities with high rates of positive cases, schools would start with this type of education only June 1.

Back to school in Spain

Although other countries in Europe have already announced that they will return to classes in the coming weeks, Spain continues even without an exact date. Government advisers advocate delaying the return to classroom classes until September, since specialists indicate that schools are not prepared for this measure with the necessary caution.

Closed classrooms of a school in Seville. Credits: Paco Fuentes / El País.

Back to school in Uruguay

The Executive Power of Uruguay ordered the reopening of some 500 rural schools for Wednesday April 22. It is worth mentioning that these educational centers have the proper hygiene and sanitation conditions for the resumption of face-to-face classes.

The Council of Initial and Primary Education reported that for three days a week attendance will be compulsory for teachers and auxiliaries; however, for minors it will be optional. Despite them, several education unions disagreed because they believe that the pandemic due to the new coronavirus has not yet been controlled.

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