20 minutes – His joke comes back to him in the face, but he does not lose the north


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After diving into a store’s giant aquarium for likes, a young man was charged. He asks his subscribers to help him pay.

In search of “likes” on social media, Kevin Wise thought it would be a great idea to jump into the giant aquarium of a sports store. “I’m going to do something crazy, okay?” Make it buzz, “he announced last week on TikTok. The 26-year-old American then explained to his subscribers that if his video garnered at least 2,000 likes, he would take action.

The success being there, Kevin executed himself, on June 25 in Bossier City (Louisiana): images shot by a client show the young man taking a bracing dip in the aquarium before coming out and leaving precipitately places. After this joke, store staff had to call a biologist to inspect the aquarium to make sure the fish were okay, reports KTAL.

“I’m going to have a pretty salty fine”

As the health of some species was endangered by Kevin’s intrusion, the container had to be completely emptied, cleaned and refilled. This was costly for store managers, and a lawsuit was filed against the joker. The young man was identified and charged with criminal property damage.

Sheerly sheepish, Kevin lost his job, but not the north. In a video posted on TikTok on Monday, he asked some 2,000 subscribers to help him pay his legal fees. “I’m going to have a pretty steep fine. (…) They hired a biologist and I can’t afford it. If you all agreed to participate, I would greatly appreciate it, “he asked. A GoFundMe page has even been created to help the young man.

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