Trump multiplies the slip-ups on Twitter


After you have retweeted the previous day a video where we hear a man chanting “white power” rallying cry for the white supremacist, the us president was broadcast on the social network this June 29, the video a couple armed putting into play of the protesters, Black Lives Matter in Saint-Louis (Missouri).

Donald Trump is in free wheel. The us president has retweeted Monday, June 29, the video broadcast by ABC News a couple from Saint-Louis (Missouri) pointing firearms in the direction of protesters, Black Lives Matter.

The couple, both lawyers, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, stood in front of his house, the value of which “exceeds one million of dollars.”indicates the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Armed with a pistol and a machine gun, they threatened the demonstrators, who marched towards the home of the mayor of Saint-Louis to demand his resignation after she read aloud the names and addresses of protesters who wanted to reduce the funding of the police.

Trump released the video ofABC News without comment, seeming to so approve the taking position of the couple”, notes Bloomberg. The day before, he had retweeted a video filmed at a retirement community in Florida, where we see a man driving a golf car chanting “white power” rallying cry for the white supremacist.

According to CNN, the senator from South Carolina Tim Scott, the only republican senator black said Sunday that the video retweetée by the president was “offensive and indefensible”. Trump has subsequently deleted his tweet, and the White House said “he had not heard the phrase ‘White Power’”.

Bloomberg note that this Monday June 29, the tenant of the White House has also retweeted “a series of opinion research of the police of american parks designed to identify people suspected of having vandalized the statues near the White House”.

Should we also call sheriff Donald Trump ?

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