Katy Perry considered suicide, “broken” by his break-up with Orlando Bloom


His smile is a pest. His pop is ultracolorée. But sometimes, far away from the stage, away from the recording studios, Katy Perry does not have the moral. During the year 2017, when she had just separated from Orlando Bloom, the singer has sustained very dark thoughts. Especially as his album Witness – which contains the titles Chained to the Rhythm and Swish Swish – was not exactly the numbers expected. “My career followed a trajectory that was only up, up, and then there was this small change, not so huge of an exterior point of view. But for me, it was seismicshe remembered on CBC. I was so given, and I was literally broken. To top it all off, I had broken up with my boyfriend, who is now the father of my future child.

At the time, Katy Perry has thought of everything to ease his sorrow, even to take away life. Fortunately, she had managed to find the positive in this misfortune, to understand that it could not be constantly “this super popstar 30 years“. The faith, the gratitude, the have fortunately helped her to take the shot. “The hope has always been an optioncontinues the singer. Of course, I am the one who control my destiny, I am the one who will make it happen. But I believe that something greater has made me come to earth so that I may fulfil something specific, and for good reason. I think that the whole world has been created for a specific purpose, and that no one is disposable.

The good news is that Katy Perry is going much, much better. She is pregnant up to the neck – she is expecting a little girl – and she is the happiest woman with Orlando Bloom… he or she is about to marry. She returned to the front of the stage with the titles Never Worn White and Daisies. In her fifth album, which is preparing him to see the light of day, she even dedicated a song to her child : a unique title What Makes a Woman in which she explains that there is no limit to our dreams. Has there ever seen more beautiful gift of birth ?

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