Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Inspection confiscates 79 neglected dogs from Limburg breeder | NOW

During an inspection at a dog breeder in Limburg, inspectors from the...

Veterinarian and breeder arrested for cutting vocal cords in 10 dogs

The Civil Guard has arrested the person responsible for a Kennel of dogs in Santa Fe (Granada) and even veterinary Grenadian accused of...

How to properly water the seedlings, said the Volgograd plant breeder

"Krestyanskaya" writes that it is important to know exactly how to water the plants at...

Lokomotiv appoints ex-football player Rubin as senior breeder of the club

Short link 1 February 2021, 20:37 The Moscow football club Lokomotiv announced the appointment of the former defender of Kazan Rubin Andrey Fedorov as the...
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