Tips for doing HIIT as a physical exercise this 2021


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), or what is the same: high intensity interval training it is a type of exercise that can help us burn a large number of calories in a small amount of time that they are adept at celebrities like Sofia Richie, Lara Álvarez or Kylie Jenner. Among its benefits is that it is a very useful method, especially in those who have little time to train. However, it therefore requires that the intensity of the efforts be really high and may not be made for everyone. Of course, if you introduce it well into your routine it is possible to benefit from all the advantages it offers, so to help you we have prepared with the experts of Vitonic a series of tips to help you do it correctly.

What is HIIT

In HIIT training we intersperse short time intervals but of high intensity (the maximum we can) with others in which we take breaks that may or may not be active. This implies that, depending on the type of training we are doing, We will rest by resting completely or, on the contrary, doing a lighter exercise such as walking.

How to perform HIIT workouts

These are exercises that last, in total, about 10-15 minutes (although we can do them for up to 20-45 minutes) but in which it is required that we give everything. Especially in periods of high intensity, in which we must reach 80-90% of our heart rate.

When we are beginners, let’s do them in the gym, on the street running or at home, it is important to start small. It is recommended in these cases that the times of intense activity are especially short and then we increase them.

What type of HIIT do I choose

There is not just one way to do HIIT but many different ones. This being the case, it is possible that much more convenient to choose those methods that do not have an impact because a particularly high intensity can mean that the risk of injury increases significantly.

SIT (sprint interval training) allows done for free And, of course, it can be effective. If you have an exercise bike or battle ropes, you shouldn’t rule them out either.

Some battle ropes allow you to do HIIT focusing training on the upper body, which is not usually the norm and that nevertheless can come in handy when it comes to limiting the accumulated fatigue in the legs.

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The importance of breaks

In this method, it is recommended that the breaks between sets be relatively short, but if you have some time, You may be interested in lengthening them a bit longer than usual. This is because, if you rest very little, it will cost you a lot for the intensity to be really high and this is the most relevant factor in order to benefit from this method.

An exercise / rest ratio of between 1: 2 and 1: 4 is generally recommended, but, as we just said, feel free to rest more if you need it. Further, Not only does the rest time matter, but the way you do it is also important.

If you are doing sprint intervals and you stay still in place, or if you are pedaling the bike and stop pedaling dry, you will recover more slowly and it will cost you more to return to the work interval than if you do an active rest.

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No daily HIIT

HIIT is not a type of training that you should do on a daily basis. This is essential because high intensity workouts cause a lot of fatigue at the muscular nervous level.

So that fatigue is not too high and does not end up limiting you, combine high intensity days with rest days. Be it passive, active rest, or low intensity workouts. And above all, remember that although this method can help you, it is not necessarily the best option to lose fat.

Get started with HIIT

Finally, the companions of Vitonic They have left you a proposal that will help you carry out yourhis first HIIT workouts on a stationary bike. Just keep in mind that this is just an example and is not tailored to your particular needs.

If your purpose for 2021 is to start training but you doubt what time is the best, an expert will clarify it for you

Serie 1

Perceived effort: 8/10

Time: 15 minutes

REST – 1




Perceived effort: 8/10

Time: 15 “

REST – 2

Perceived effort: 2/10

Time: 45 “


Perceived effort: 9/10

time: 15 “

REST – 3

Perceived effort: 3/10

Time: 45 “


Perceived effort: 9/10

Time: 15 “

REST – 4

Perceived effort: 3/10

Time: 45 “


Perceived effort: 8/10

Time: 15 “

REST – 5

Perceived effort: 2/10

Time: 45 “


Perceived effort: 9/10

Time: 15 “

REST – 6

Perceived effort: 1/10 or 2/10

Time: 45 “

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