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Every Saturday for one hour in CLAP !, the cinema specialist of Europe 1, Mathieu Charrier, takes a tour of the news of the seventh art. Each week, a guest, whether or not from the world of cinema, submits to a personal questionnaire on the films of his life. On Saturday, famous actor Kad Merad immersed himself in his memories as a movie buff, of the soundtrack of Shine that he listened to on cassettes to Bruce Lee via Frank Capra and Life is Beautiful.

What is your first memory of cinema?

If I go back, it seems to me it’s Bruce Lee! In a shopping center in Grigny, there was a cinema and with some friends, we went to see Bruce Lee. And when we went out, we made nunchakus!

The film that you would have liked to see in the cinema?

That is a good question. There are so many … Maybe Doctor Jerry and Mister Love. This is my cult Jerry Lewis movie, which I saw on TV. I would have liked to see it in public, because it’s a film that I love. This is the movie that I love the most I believe with Life is Beautiful, by Frank Capra.

Your best memory in theaters?

Difficult to answer because there are so many things… If I take a film in which I play, there was, for example, in Venice, a standing ovation for the film The melody by Rachid Hami. I was with the kids who took the plane for the first time and then ended up in Venice when they came from difficult neighborhoods. We were all in costume. And in Venice, we are perched on the balcony and the room is downstairs. She turned around and stood up after the movie. And I remember seeing these children in tears, moved. it moved me enormously. It’s a great memory, because the film did not have any success afterwards in France, unfortunately.

What is your worst memory in theaters?

I know ! But it’s horrible, horrible. It is But who killed Pamela Rose again ? that we made with Olivier (Baroux). The film comes out on Wednesday. And we decide to go on tour, to go see in theaters. I remember that Olivier went to Montparnasse, it was the two o’clock session. We entered the room and there were only two people on the day of the outing. There, we took a slap in the face, as they say.

The film you love but are ashamed to admit?

That there isn’t. I’ve been asked this question before: the film that I love, but that I’m ashamed to admit… I was going to say Rambo, but even Rambo for me it is a masterpiece. The first, not the last, of course. No, but movies with a little testosterone, what. The films where you don’t think so much. But at the same time, it’s a cinema, it’s a genre. And then, fortunately, this cinema is also there. So I’m never ashamed, actually.

What do you think is the most beautiful movie scene?

It may be a scene from Life is Beautiful by Frank Capra. When he returns home at the end, he has decided not to die. He understood that without him the world would be rotten and he comes back and crosses the whole city. And he wishes a store a Merry Christmas. He is happy and he goes home. It’s a kind of extraordinary happy-end. I think it’s one of the most beautiful scenes in cinema. I was inspired by it when I realized Marseille. There’s a scene where I’m running a little kid who says he’s happy to go to the Vélodrome. And I was inspired by this cabaret scene where he runs in the street and says “I’m going to the Vélodrome, Monsieur le Boucher, I’m going to the Vélodrome!”

Which movie makes you laugh the most?

There are plenty ! Perhaps Megalomania.

And the movie that makes you cry the most?

Life is Beautiful ! From the first second, as I know what’s going to happen, I cry before I even see it. All of the scenes in this movie are amazing.

Which movie would you recommend to your best friend?

I always hesitate between Life is Beautiful and Doctor Jerry and Mister Love, because these two films are important to me. So, Life is beautiful. That is very positive. He is someone who is not doing well. We can do good. It can do good.

And which film would you recommend to your worst enemy?

Not nice for the movie! I would say The Tree of Hoofs. It’s a film that must be four or six hours long and that I saw when I was in school. I had to in fourth, it was a school trip. This is how I remember it: a long and extremely painful film. But maybe it’s a masterpiece.

The soundtrack that marked you for life?

Shine ! I first carried it around on a cassette. It’s really an original soundtrack that I love. It’s very melancholy, very romantic. It’s piano, classical music. It is also the story of Shine, that of a great pianist interpreted by Geoffrey Rush. It’s a wonderful film.

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