Little about freelancers: More and more of them apply for reprogramming, we do not write off taxes – Economy


Despite the interrupted talks, an increasing number of freelancers appear and accept to – either pay what they owe in the name of taxes, or wait for the amendments to the Law on Personal Income Tax that we announced in April, in order to pay obligations under easier conditions, said Siniša Mali. reprogram of taxes and contributions offered by the state to workers on the Internet, reports H1.


“We spent two weeks talking to freelancers. “We cannot accept the possibility of writing off taxes just like that and not collecting them,” Mali pointed out.

Negotiations with the representatives of the Association of Workers on the Internet have failed, and the reprogram, which includes the payment of debt based on taxes and contributions for PIO and health for the past five years and the current one, with interest write-off, freelancers consider unacceptable, writes H1.

At the press conference, organized on the occasion of the presentation of the new package of state aid measures, Mali pointed out that the offered reprogram does not refer to those who earned money by betting on the Internet and renting out luxury real estate.

“You have a gentleman who earned 500,000 euros by renting out his luxury villa, we will not talk to him. We talked about how to enable people, socially endangered, who earned up to 200 euros a month, to pay their tax liability, “he pointed out.

As H1 writes, he then repeated the example that a freelancer, who earned 200 euros a month, and to date has accumulated 5,000 euros in debt in the name of taxes and contributions, owes 2,000 euros less after the amendment of the Law on Personal Income Tax.

“Those 3,000 euros of debt, means that the monthly installment over ten years will amount to 26 euros, which is about 3,000 dinars,” said Mali.

He states that “there is always some justification” for not paying taxes.

“Someone didn’t tell you, you didn’t know” But an orderly and serious state cannot forgive such a debt. We have done our best to be more flexible, to enable payment in the long run, without calculating interest. And, here you run the risk that you will be left with a question, which we cannot do in installments “, stated Mali.

He pointed out that all tax solutions were stopped until the adoption of the new law.

“I call on everyone to settle their tax obligations. Apply to the nearest branch. There is one more step further – by the end of the year, we will come out with a new law on flexible forms of employment in order to finally resolve the status of a freelancer. Most freelancers are already organized as entrepreneurs. I did not receive an answer to one question during the negotiations – what about unfair competition. And the man present at the negotiations says that he teaches English over the Internet. But, you have others who do the same, but they are organized as entrepreneurs and pay 10 percent of taxes “, stated Siniša Mali, writes H1

Mali: Serbian bonds will be included in the JP Morgan index from June

Serbian Finance Minister Sinisa Mali announced today that three government bonds will be included in JP Morgan’s index of developing countries from June.

He told reporters that work had been done on that in the past two years.

As he explained, only bonds of countries that are sufficiently credible and that do not have a liquidity problem are included in the JP Morgan index.

He added that this is a good indicator for foreign investors, which speaks of the credibility of the implemented reforms in the country and the quality of new securities.

We remind you that Mali said today that all adult citizens will receive assistance from the state budget of 60 euros this year, and pensioners 110 euros.

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