“Kong Saharat” revealed the reason for not playing the Line application


“Kong Saharat” revealed the reason for not playing the Line application, plans to leave the entertainment industry already

Echoing the US that today will come open in view of how warm the 52-year-old love will be. Along with revealing things that few people know Pee Kong doesn’t play Line Through the talk show on channel one31 with Ning Panita and Bai Fernpasakorn as the host and clearing the rumors, is it really planning to leave the industry?

Brother Kong entered the number 5?

Echo: 52 already.

Do we have a buck corner?

But hyung ranks among the boys in the dreams of girls In Thailand?

Kong: Oh… Thank you. I’m glad. I’m encouraged.

Kong: Really not considered a womanizer. That is, we have to limit how much of a buck it is. If suppose the word flirt, saw a beautiful woman and went to ask for a line, exchange numbers, if this size is not this size But if you see a beautiful woman and look so pretty

So what kind of woman will make Pee Kong’s eyes look over?

Kong: I think standard men are all looking, beautiful woman. But I didn’t think of anything. Just look at how beautiful it is. But we’re not even walking in to find the number, it’s not that severe.

The peak of life What was the situation at that time?

Kong: If the highest peak is likely to be during the first Nuvo album 1,2,3 there will be a fan club. Have people who like Come in form through the flesh

Is there a type to attack us? Catch the love of Huang something like this?

Echo: I believe there is. But at that time, I might not know it. Because it is all ruffled, but there is a hilarious type. We close all the doors of the room, there is a letter inserted to you to express the intention of what you want.

Have you ever encountered a psychopath?

Kong: Probably not like a psychopath. But he would be very fond of Had encountered in one event He came to me in the house. And that day, there were kids stars, the children in the group who were set-up kids were together. He opened the door to come into our house, we were shocked and told me not to come. We went out to talk to him well. Let’s go home We were sending him back, he said, can I ask for one thing? Can i get married And the younger brother who is with him immediately replied that he was not.

Yuenyong Fan Club Live as a family?

Kong: Actually, his fans didn’t think too much, he understood that he was our fan. He knows what and what has been generosity for a long time.

How is it like catching your girl echo?

Kong: You are very shy about flirting with girls. I’m an embarrassed person. Since I have been at the boys’ school all since grade 1 to grade 3, I have never lived with girls until I come to m 4 – m 6 to go to united school to meet with girls. Approaching women Talking to women Is difficult It’s a big deal for you. Because it is not familiar We are with male friends, all talking, juggling, and over there, it is normal talk. But when one came with a woman You are stunned. You don’t act right.

There must be someone in life. This person Poppy Love, I like you, what did you say to him?

Echo: Really never acted like that. It began to be friends first. Never had to like this woman and walked in to raid flirt Or something like this It is a group of friends together, talking to each other, it gradually becomes like this, there is no moment to walk. Hello, so cute, it has never been done. And did not dare to do it

Pong Kong has been a charming young man since the past, and my friends even tell me. If assuming in a group someone wants to flirt with girls Or want to have a girl to hang on to make a picture of brother Kong This is a legend of friends who have chosen each other?

Kong: Really? I haven’t heard of it yet.

He said that Khun Phaen is better than the United States?

Kong: Thank you very much, who is this one?

Brother Kong doesn’t have any news about love?

Echo: Maybe it’s because we didn’t do anything bad. And there was no time to go about doing anything like that. Life is busy every day. And life is with most of my friends Staying with work, playing music, shooting dramas, shooting shows, being a coach, saying something like this, it’s just work, there’s no time for a free life.

But recently there was a picture from social media It’s a very good looking boy. Until he went to see that I have a child?

Kong: My younger brother’s children are my only grandchildren. The grandchildren are very cute.

Do you want to have your own children?

Echo: None.

And now brother Kong Do you have an inheritance yet?

Kong: Not yet.

Days when you didn’t work What do you do with your life?

Kong: If you are free at home, then you are happy. Is that you work a lot Until sometimes not at home

Netizens tease each other that Brother Kong is Thiranth of P’Kim?

Echo: Started to shiver, is it in a dangerous state? No, it’s hilarious

Do you believe that everyone took Pee Kong as her divine husband? How do you feel?

Kong: Well, it’s encouraging, it’s a good feeling. Is the feeling of favor sent in I consider it all encouragement. Even thanks Thank you for the good feelings for

Khun Kong doesn’t have Line?

Kong: Actually, it started by seeing people close to you. Play and waste time answering the line. That is, like Line, there are many groups of Min. Sometimes it takes hours to answer, nothing to do. I feel like it’s a waste of time doing these things. Do we take time to practice the guitar? Or go do something that we would like to do better Because our work is already busy Until I have some free time Have to sit and press the line Or maybe we don’t want to know something about that person, that person, or politics. Or whatever Maybe we don’t want to accept. If you know it, you have to comment, sometimes it’s awkward.

Like a person who loves peace?

Kong: Because our life is already busy and chaotic. If I have free time, I want to stay calm. So I thought that the power was cut off from the beginning of the wind.

And then other social Did Pee Kong play?

Echo: have Facebook, Instagram

Instagram just has, isn’t it?

Echo: Not long ago.

When playing facebook Instagram do you feel it’s messed up?

Kong: No, Instagram is like we want to tell the fans. Or people who really follow us, we have something fun Told to listen to each other

32 years with Nuvo, how many members are there?

Echo: 6 people

Today we are still together. Love each other. How do you make us love this much?

Kong: We would have been born from being really friends. We were not caught to meet. Is that we grew up together since childhood For example, brother and Joe are Grade 1 and meet John, Su, Pee Mai, and Peter from M. 4, M. 6. Then started to form a band Played a nouveau since about m 4 – m 5, but at that time there was no brother Peter. Is that we have been together since childhood Live as friends It was a close friend.

Are there any conflicts?

Kong: There are some things that are normal.

Pong Kong has worked hard for 30 years. I know the news that Pee Kong wants to retine. And then left the industry To live in the provinces?

Kong: Leave time for life to travel. To change other scenes Not wake up or work Go live with mom Take your mother on a trip. May reduce to the work that we really want to do That is, playing concerts and playing music like this, but we can’t work hard like filming dramas. I have to admit that each person is quite heavy. Is not even with the breakout, 100% down payment, going to other provinces Not that size Just being tired a lot and spending some life, taking some rest and traveling

The future may see less drama?

Echo: Probably like that. May be played softly Received a few episodes

If I have a good rest, will I return to play?

Echo: It might be

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